For the petrolheads


That’s kind of what I’m getting at lol…
Like hammond’s red caliper brakes for 300 added on that they talked about lol
Pointless reasons to overcharge

Any non road legal is a bit of a waste in my opinion too… at least to buy one


Most optional extras are pointless. Things like ceramic brakes, if you don’t blast around a track regularly, steels are more then enough for the real world. Or sat nav, buy an external one for a fraction of the price.


Yeah, basic set is better… like this


Once, I was on the backseat of ZAZ, only instead of the seats there were potatoes bags and I was sitting on a wooden bench. What a nice ride :joy:



Sounds completely normal to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Applied some corrections. Some typos.


The second part of my comment was about the scenario, not your grammar.


I know. And thanks again. Need to be more attentive.


All these years later, this came up on my yt.

It’s from that radio show they did in S8E2. I didn’t think anyone had actually recorded it.


O…M…G… :+1::+1::+1:

Thank you for finding this!


It’s pure comedy gold, I pissed myself laughing. It was worth every second. :joy:


I’ll listen to it tomorrow along with my parents. :+1::+1:

We love the old top gear and the radio show is one of our favourites!


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Is it just me or is the Dodge Demon the single stupidest car in existence right now? I think it even beats the entire BMW X line and the retarded Mercedes off roaders too.


What about it?


This one? :point_up: :roll_eyes:


What’s wrong with it???
You’re just hating on it cuz it’s American lol


But you see that?!? :flushed: I read that normal insurance policy REFUSE to insure it!!


:joy: it makes it fun!
It’s not like you can’t shell out money and run any other car through steroids if you were inclined to do so
I’m with Richard Hammond on this one, it’s a toyyyy if you’ve got the cash, go nuts :sweat_smile:


It’s a dodge challenger which isn’t a great car to begin with, but they’ve made it into a dragster that spends its time getting oblitirated by anything that comes up against it. Dodge claimed it would run sub 10 quarters, yet no owner has managed to make a stock one go sub 10.2 from what I know. It needs a tuned ECU, has to have rear slicks, front skinnies, needs to do a burnout before every run, runs racing fuel, has a line lock, transbrake and 840 bph. Yet a bog stock baby McLaren still beats it with no prep at all and no special tyres or fuel or anything. Now, McLarens are known to be beasts, but lambos and other cars have also kicked its arse on the strip.

And to add insult to injury, Dodge have sacrificed the refinement it never had for it to be the fastest thing on the strip, yet it gets destroyed by cars that will run rings around it on the strip, on the track and on the road. Also it’s about as aerodynamic as the titanic and weighs more than the sun.

Just check out some of these videos from Drag Times: