For the petrolheads


That’s kind of what I’m getting at lol…
Like hammond’s red caliper brakes for 300 added on that they talked about lol
Pointless reasons to overcharge

Any non road legal is a bit of a waste in my opinion too… at least to buy one


Most optional extras are pointless. Things like ceramic brakes, if you don’t blast around a track regularly, steels are more then enough for the real world. Or sat nav, buy an external one for a fraction of the price.


Yeah, basic set is better… like this


Once, I was on the backseat of ZAZ, only instead of the seats there were potatoes bags and I was sitting on a wooden bench. What a nice ride :joy:



Sounds completely normal to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Applied some corrections. Some typos.


The second part of my comment was about the scenario, not your grammar.


I know. And thanks again. Need to be more attentive.