For the petrolheads


:joy: I repeat it’s a hot wheels for grown ups :sweat_smile:


But you can tune the crap out of better cars for cheaper and not look like a total redneck doing it. On a side note, the 720 is an absolute animal, it took a GTR with over 1K BHP to beat it in a drag race.


Agreed, different languages same message


Sometimes it’s fun looking like a total redneck :joy:

I get that it’s uhhhh rough all around but from my point of view here, there’s sentimentality to some of the models
I’d say the design itself is more a callback to old school muscles-I definitely like it and value that knowing full well it’ll have drawbacks and limitations
No real racer would go out and buy one for the purpose of racing, like you said there’s better stock options elsewhere
The challenger itself is just a ballsy looking car that’s meant to be ballsy for a ballsy customer(doesn’t have to be the brightest lol) (excuse the colorful language if you can cal it that haha)


If I’m going classic muscle, I’m partial to the Buick Reviera fastback, like @jabinquaken. For ridiculous modern muscle, I’d go for a Hennessey Exorcist. The name is stupid, the car is pretty daft and most of the publicity shots are so idiotic that they had me keeled over in laughter the other day. :joy:


Exorcist? The name is rather stupid. Why whould I want to get something like this instead of Camaro?
Also stupid is calling Challenger a Demon. These were two different cars in the past.
And yes, it is ridiculous. Has not much to do with engineering, if compared to McLaren. Just “put as much as you can and let’s see what we get”.
I actually like Challenger’s design, though.
It is just a muscle car.


This video about Crashtor Maldonado just came up on my yt. :joy:


I have to say, I expected there to be more interesting cars in Europe. The entire time I was there I saw maybe 6 interesting cars and that was it.

I saw 2 Lancia Fulvias for the first time ever on 2 different days and in different places, so that was awesome. I saw a Lancia Thesis as well. Otherwise the only other interesting cars I saw were a V8 Vantage and a Mk 3 Exige.

And everyone seems to be driving the stupid Mercedes rip-off of the BMW X6 which is an idiotic car to begin with.


Saw these beauties today :heart_eyes:


Good sports cars? Yes. Beauties? Not really.




Porsche Panamera is my dreamcar


Lego made a Bugatti Chiron



It just makes me miss the old Top Gear. As much as I like The Grand Tour, it just isn’t the same. The jokes seems forced on TGT.


Indeed, TGT is good but it seems to lack the charm of TG. It feels more hollow and soulless, hopefully that will change as they get more used to the new show. I mean the first few series of TG were fairly boring and they only had about 5 people in the audience.


Started to watch tgt btw. Missing Stig.


I miss the Stig too. I’m also starting to doubt whether their current driver (I don’t know her name) is better than the American since she set the same lap time as the American in the McLaren 650, except she was in a 720 which is a considerably faster car.


Missing the Stig as well! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Just rememberd this video I saw a couple of years ago. Probably the best tutorial I’ve seen on YT.


@framos1792 , have you considered one of these for your pickup?