For the petrolheads


I haven’t seen the video but I do have LEDs on it
A light bar on the front grille-absolutely worth having :upside_down_face:
Night and day difference when out on side roads at night


Watch the video, my mind was totally blown.


That’s flipping ridiculous :dizzy_face:
Soon as he started, I wondered about the current drop :joy:
It’s awesome in a “let’s take this to the limits” kind of cool lol but flipping overkill for ANY purpose besides like…alien signal light :thinking: well deer hunting maybe :thinking: deer stuck in headlight-kind of cheating :sweat_smile:
The beam staying tight enough to light up at those distances was what impressed me most


My jaw dropped the moment he illuminated the entire bloody hillside.

I was curious if I could even run a single one of those things on Banshee, but alas, my hopes and dreams were crushed. It weighs 360g which is essentially another battery, so it will be total chaose for the COG considering what a 150g action cam was doing. Then there’s the matter of the body shell melting.




I think I found the first ever video of a 'stang going into a crowd. It’s at 3:20


The McLaren Speedtail is being revealed in 2 weeks. They say it will be the fastest one to date (even faster than the F1), I just hope the get back in the top speed race.



The McLaren Speedtail is finally out, not much info is available on it yet, but I have to say, I’m disappointed. It’s nowhere near as fast as it could have been, top speed is only 250 MPH, only 7 MPH better than the F1 which is 26 years old. Bugatti cracked 250 in the early 2000s. The acceleration improvement is pretty immense though, 0-186 MPH is reached in 13 secs (as opposed to ~22 for the F1). The Speedtail has 1036BHP and weighs 1430 KG dry. 0-60 hasn’t been released yet.

After 26 years, I really expected them to smash the F1, but alas, that car will always be godly it seems. You’d expect a higher top speed with such an aerodynamic shape and with clever aero engineering. I’m pretty sure the car uses a hybrid system. The only part of it I like is the interior, the exterior is revolting tough.


Agree on the exterior being just…bleghhh reminds me of a sardine or something


The speed figures for now are theoretical as far as I know. I hope they do a proper speed run, drop any speed limiters it might have and see what it can really do.


Best thumbnail ever. :joy:


Just like every other US car, built like a 300 year old shed.


At least his bumper didn’t fall off driving off the lot :joy:


I’m still staggered at how a door handle, of all things, can go wrong. I know this one isn’t mechanically linked, but even then. How many of your car’s radio buttons have gone wong after a few years of you owning your car? None.


What’s it going to take for people to realise that the Demon is a complete and utter heap of shit? It blew out its diff on launch. :joy:


I NEED to get a ride in this thing.



BTW, the music sounds like something Mike Shinoda would do


Concept’s interesting, not sure about exacution or need. They showed a rescue team in the vid, why not just use a helicopter? Far faster and very reliable.


It’s more like a robot than a car… I mean… I don’t think it’s driveble in a city… :thinking: