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:star_struck: sweeeeet! :joy::joy:

Over the holidays I saw a Ferrari and lambo Parker at the mall advertising a small company that lets you drive them on a track :thinking: I’m super tempted to do it just to have the opportunity to drive one but driving a rally car in mud/dirt is another of their options and it sounds like so much more fun :sweat_smile: and muuuch cheaper :joy::sweat_smile: the vid reminded me of that :grin:


Try it!! I would do straight away! :star_struck: :grin:


I want to! :sweat_smile::grin: it’s just expensive :face_with_hand_over_mouth: so it will be like for my birthday or something to validate the expense :joy::crazy_face:


Your bday is in September… :frowning:


Yeah, there’s all kinds of track days available here. A rally car would be seriously hard if you have no experience with off-road driving, but it would be a serious blast. Rally cars have some savage acceleration because of their gearing, but pathetic top speeds.


Aye but it would be loads more fun lol I’ve only had minor experience screwing around mudding like an idiot or pushing it on dirt roads :crazy_face: that feeling when the car slips out from under you is indescribable though :joy: it’s why I’d prefer the rally vs just going fast on a lambo or something


:scream: Be careful!!


Writing a longterm review of a small fun car for a Norwegian Car magazine atm. 15471087261898684968567346680731|375x500


Sweet, is auto industry journalism your speciality? :star_struck:
Maybe share if we can read it :thinking::joy: or you could always teach us Norwegian and have our final exam be reading your review :thinking: lol


haha! No not really, in my dayjob I sell computerequipment to larger companies around Europe.
I’ve been shooting pictures of cars for years and done a couple of reviews along the way, I’m a pretty fast learner on a track so that has opened a couple of doors along the way :slight_smile:

Reviewed this at Nurburgring GP. 8 hours on the track.

Bizarre day in Vegas



Beautiful photos!! :heart_eyes:

Audi is one of my favourites :shushing_face: :grin:


The R8 used to be my fav car for a long time. The Mk1 GT (the one in the pic) is when they started to get quick, before that they were fast, but didn’t break the 200.


My dreamcar! :heart_eyes:


I’d say aim higher. :stuck_out_tongue:


The R8 was a good drive, but it actually wasnt that exciting, it still sounds and drives like an Audi. Safe and composed.
i drove a Porsche Cayman and an old NSX around the Nordschleife the day after and they were both much more exciting. The R8 is nice, flashy car you can daily drive.


If you’ve got serious money to burn and want to daily drive a supercar, go McLaren. They’re blisteringly fast, have space, are suprisingly comfortable (from what I’ve heard) and pretty reliable. The 720S is a destroyer of worlds, but I’m partial to the classic F1.


Pics of the 2020 Supra are out, not that there hadn’t been lol but clearer ones I suppose
Love the front, hate the back and have no clue on specs


Wow, so the rumours were true, the FT1 VGT really did become the new supra. Never been a fan of the Supra, especially in the looks department. This one looks like a GT86 that’s been in some horrific industrial accident.

The FT1 that they designed for Gran Turismo 6 looked bloody amazing. But it was only a concept and it drove like sh*t in the game. If the Supra looked identical to this and went like the super-tuned beasts that turners make, it would be epic.

EDIT: It’s the FT1 in the pics in case people are confused.


Thanks for the clarification lol
The FT1 is sharper, the pics of the Supra online are much more rounded, less aggressive :frowning:
For a second, I thought the FT1 WAS the one that was in production :sweat_smile:


The FT1 is longer, has a longer bonnet and a more elegant roof-line, especially at the back.