Fort Minor 2015 live music tracks


Hi guys hope u had a memorable tour with LP hunting party this year like me…I had a blast…

Do any of u guys know where I can get all the audio tracks for the live performances of fort minor…because most of the tracks were rare and I badly need them…


not got more tips than even you tube, from the LP Show at alte Försterrei is some good stuff uploaded


Are you referring to a DSP? Cause nothing like that has been released in years. Otherwise, do you need to find a specific track or are you searching for the samples Mike used?


You mean studio version of these songs or what?


yea studio version if there is one…because mike remixed most of the somgs and i really liked the versions he played live on the set


You can find all the songs in the FM albums (The Rising Tied and We Major Mixtape). Devil’s Drop is from The Mall’s soundtrack.


ShinodaGE did studio versions of some songs


And High Voltage:
Original version appear on:
a) Hybrid Theory EP (HTEP version)
b) Hybrid Theory Special Edition, OSC single (2000 Version)


wow, you know a lot stuff, so thanx for sharing :sunglasses: