Fort Minor in London


To all people going, maybe because its Mike’s last FM of this tour, maybe we should do something special, like holding up ‘Welcome’ signs when he comes out?


I like the idea of surprising Mike, but have a little concern about “Welcome” flash mob as last week it’s been done THREE times already. Poland wrote “Welcome” at their concert on their papers, Belarus wrote “Welcome to Belarus” on separate papers for each word and Russia just did “You’re always Welcome” flash mob on their concert just half an hour ago! And Germany are doing something similar on their concert as well as far as I know. Unless we will make it an international flashmob, and do it as well, lol. But I really like the idea of surprising Mike as we are indeed the last show before he goes back home to America.


Sorry for taking a long to reply, I’m doing a picture of a Japanese dragon guarding over the ‘Welcome’ sign and maybe writing Kanji around it, does that sound good?


Why does London gets the last of all the tours? Why is the tasty last piece always saved for the English? :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you guys do a good job in surprising Mike. Maybe you guys can create a 50ft replica of Mike made with all the “Welcome” messages from all across the UK. Anyways, I hope you guys have a good time.