Fort Minor Inspired Typeface


Hey guys!

I’m working on a typeface inspired by the hand lettering of Mike for the latest Fort Minor artwork. I’ll probably release it in vector format and maybe as a true-type font :slight_smile: Here’s a preview of one of the uses:

Here’s some insights of the -work-in-progress vector:


Sweet, my fav is the right hand one in the middle row.


These are really nice! Can you teach me how to create fonts? :smile:


Pretty cool, nice work!


Great! It’s so awesome…


I will be uploading the full font next week :slight_smile: I might upload a brief tutorial to YouTube too :smiley:


Where will this font be usable?


It will be a system font, so basically you install it on your computer and you’ll be able to use it in any software: Word, Photoshop, Keynote, Power Point, Illustrator…

I’ll distribute it through a Creative Common license :wink:


Ok, great :slight_smile:


No prob :smiley:


It could be used in smartphones?


Though I personally have not done this, I have seen phones with facilities to install fonts. I guess you will be able to use them there if @Ramses_Cabello does it good :smile: I have a huge collection of font on my system, and I think this will be a good addition.


Pretty well done, nice work.


Where can I get the download to that font at? It looks really cool. :smile:


I don’t think it’s been finished yet. I completely forgot about this thread lol.


ooh u r totally awesome bro…
Im finding this font since from last 3-4 months
Thank u very much…
Please send me this font on my mail


Really cool. I have a LP typeface in my computer and I guess it’d a good one to have too


This is awesome!


Well, it should have been finished by now.


I think it was just forgotten about.