Fort minor, scala 8th september


Hey everyone

Who went to the fort minor in London last night? It was soooo awesome! If you went what was you favourite moment? :smiley: :smiley:


Same thing here:


@Tai_Patrick hope you had an amazing time how was it please tell me more about the show as I was unable to attend


Thanks man it was an amazing show,mike was awesome!!! Definitely would see the again I was front row and the crowd was charged up and everybody loved it.what songs was you hoping to see?@Chris_Styles


@Tai_Patrick where’d you go right now welcome of course Remember the name high road ect… wish I had been there was just going to cost me a fortune to get from the midlands where I live to London hotels where way to expensive plus trains tickets and tickets for the show and everything else in merch


Ah I see man,hopefully you can attend the next show! We are LPU,We are the frontline! @Chris_Styles


I went, I was on the Meet and Greet also for the first time!! I’m still so excited It feels like if it was just a dream…Mike and Lorenzo are so nice!! :grin:


Awesome man!!! Where about was you standing around the room when we was getting an item signed? I know it was cool because like it was the first time to meet mike and since I was 5/6 I listened to linkin park and they are my inspiration and to meet mike is just amazing could not have asked for a better night and am blessed to be chosen. @Matias_Coitino


yeah we were with the UK signed flag on the right, I am the same, listening to LP since I was 7, before that I don’t remember listening to any music at all, I hope to meet the rest of the band one day, and Only then I can die as a happy man :joy: :grin:

And I got one of Mike’s guitar picks! couldn’t have gone any better


Haha that would be such an awesome time if we met the rest of the band :joy: and sammmme I got one of his picks to,Lorenzo gave me one! And I was to the left of you aha


I went! It was awesome.


Awesome! And where abouts was you in the crowd? What was your most memorable moment :smiley:


@Matias_Coitino hope you don’t mind if I share this is a couple of my FaceBook groups awesome :slight_smile:


No worries mate :smiley: