FORT MINOR The Rising Tied


22 november 2005!

I really miss Fort Minor!


Me too…xD




Oh yeah! [sad]


I hope soon there will be FT album coming out… btw Dead by Sunrise will have a new album [smile]


So do I… Mike’s the BEST rapper for sure!




Me too, hope someday they will release a new album dream


Maybe some day we’ll get a new one.


I LOVE that album. Mikes rap and the amazing special effects. Im assuming you already know about We Major, but if not listen to it.


oh ya… same here…
bt Mike said FM isn’t dead …he might revive it someday again :smiley: \m/


Fort Minor is an excellent album and mike shinoda never let him die


DBS & FM is good. but I didn’t expect new album from them since LP plans to come out with new album once in every 1.5 to 2 years [biggrin]


They really suceed with " The Rising Tied " and they did it at the excactly right time. So maybe the time for a new one isnt already arrived. I could also imagine that its gonna be hard to top that one and get new themes or to get the public`s attention right…


if not fort minor, mike should at least collaborate with other rappers on their albums


MEE TOOO :frowning: Mike is the best rapper ever :smiley:


[quote=OLIVER_H]Me too…xD



Same, can’t believe it’s been that long. Fort Minor Militia.


I just got the Rising Tied for my uncle and he absolutely loves it. :slight_smile: Mike is seriously underrated as a rapper, he deserves more recognition


I miss FM too and the loooong days and night at the FM Forum [smile][lol]