Fort minor vinyl?!




:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada: yeah!!!


Nice~ :sunglasses: I really like it, and I think I even know which part of the wall it is. After looking at it so much :laughing:
The gray sleeve makes it quite easy to find.


Its a part of the shoe from the skater


Right, lmfao. That was my big fail moment of the week :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


They did not answer yet.
I saw LPCatalog marked my piece on the wall :heart_eyes:

@zinler wow, Nice one!!


I got this answer:

I’ve just spoken to management and this is the first we’ve heard about the vinyl including a personal letter from Mike. Do you mind letting us know where you received this information from?

I asked them what exactly the difference between the bundels is. I’ll keep you posted…


I asked LPCatalog what was included with the vinyls before I opened mine. They said the letter and a picture of the entire wall comes inside. They had me recheck in my vinyl and when I found that I didn’t have the letter they emailed me a scan of it


The letter is not included anymore:
“Managment has just reached out and let us know that this letter was part of the “Welcome” campaign from summer of 2015 and the letter is out of stock. I apologize for any confusion!” :disappointed_relieved:


That is sad. Thankfully LP Catalog has a scan of it and is happy to email it to people :grin:


Since I got a small temporary job… I finally got mine !!! :scream::heart_eyes: It arrived home safe and i am sooo happy :slight_smile:️ I love it


So basically, the original 1,000 vinyls were sold…


@sforreal finally! I’m so glad you have the chance to buy one!
I looks amazing!!! :heart_eyes:


It seems absolutely legit and was not registered on LP catalog (although I am sure some people didn’t do it).
I think originally in 2015, the letter was maybe not inside the jacket / plastic film but on the side of it and over time they didn’t include it anymore.
I mean I hope it’s part of the original 1000 vinyls

@OneMoreLight2017 Thank you :purple_heart::pray:


It is beautiful! I am so happy you got one! :sparkling_heart: where is it located on the mural?


Thank you :slight_smile:️ I am so happy
It’s quite an easy one to locate, it’s on the right, the teeth of the blue skull :skull::purple_heart:


I received mine today but I can’t open the box until 17 June as it’s a birthday gift from my fiancée, the suspense is killing me!!!


I’ve no idea how you manage to hold back, I admire you! I never had a Christmas surprise cause I couldn’t bear the idea of not knowing what gifts was hidding in the closet :joy:


I might take a tiny peek when she’s out!!!


:joy::joy::joy: don’t tell her I encouraged you :shushing_face::wink: