Fort minor vinyl?!


So it’s my birthday today and I finally got to open my welcome vinyl after waiting weeks without peeking!! It’s just a few black lines, but I know it’s a genuine piece of mikes art and I’m so happy to have it signed and up on my wall!!! Plus I have received enough cash to book reading festival… do I do it?


Plus I found this when I was searching for images of the welcome mural, made me chuckle so I thought I’d share it!


When submitting to lp catalogue how long has it taken to receive confirmation? Do you think I could still get a copy of the letter, i think it would look great in a display.


It took a while for me before LP catalog reviewed my vinyl submission but I guess its varying. I think some people managed to get the letter from LP catalog (@LPUgrl2?)


Sorry for the late answer. Yes LP Catalog gives out scans of the letter if you want it :blush:


I wanted this baby so badly, but had to save money for a trip, and now I found out the deluxe version is sold out… if anyone knows where to get one, please message me! (And also LPU 12 and 16, hehe)


So, I never heard back from lp catalog, does any body have a copy of the letter that they’d be willing to scan and email me, I would be eternally grateful!! Pppppppplease🤞


@sabje102 @mr_mikeywsm look what I found


Cool! Where did you find it?


Amazing!! Good timing too! I’ve got a display frame coming for Xmas so I can finally get it up on the wall!!! Thank you so much, where on earth did you find that!!


No problem at all! I found it hidden in a file on my computer :joy: