Fort minor vinyl?!


I would certainly hope they would have stated that before putting it out there to buy. I sent the store and email asking details about it but I was also afraid they would sell out of them so I bought it. Customer service must have been closed yesterday so I’m hoping I hear something on Monday before it ships.


It takes LP items about 3 weeks, from time of purchase, to actually ship. So I think you’re good there on getting a customer service response in time.


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I would say judging by the artwork, the price, and the lack of uploaded sleeve covers on LPCatalog, it’s likely that it sold a lot lower than Mike was expecting for the price.


Yeah I thought that, there has only been around 400-500 claimed according to the catalogue…


Those are more than likely the original vinyls, which is great, because I missed out of the Fort Minor merch when it originally was for sale. I’m sure they sold a bit less than expected, but I’m also sure not everyone posted theirs on LPCatalog


I find it pretty hard to believe that there weren’t 1,000 vinyl takers when “Welcome” released 2 years ago. Even if they didn’t sell, why would Fort Minor stop selling the unsold vinyls from the website? I ordered one of these newly released vinyls but I’m not going to be surprised when they say these are reprints.


I never come across Fort Minor’s vinyls, but would be interesting to see what’s currently available.


If they charge that much for a reprint I’m returning mine. I’m pretty sure this is the same price I saw listed before the fort minor site was taken down a week after Chester passed. They said then that these were sold out. If this is a reprint and they didn’t state that then I’m going to be rather pissed.


Have you received your order? Mine was supposed to deliver today according to the tracking number. But the only item that was delivered was a t-shirt that I also purchased. I called support and they said the vinyl’s aren’t due to arrive at their shipment facility until next week and that I will get a separate shipment notification once the vinyl goes out. This makes me think these are reprints, not originals still in stock.


Damn, if it’s true that would be really disappointing. Paying the same price as the original one and receiving a reprint… For me it was like “hey paying so much that it hurts - but you will get a special piece from an artwork with a signature” and now it is "hey paying so much that it hurts " :joy::see_no_evil:


Maybe I’ll send another thing to the store customer service. I had asked for a description and wondering if the deluxe was legit and all I got as a response was some list of frequently asked questions or something that had nothing to do with the vinyl. It didn’t answer a single question. I was going to wait and see if anyone on here got theirs yet. Mine hasn’t even shipped yet.

Edit: I just sent another message out to support this time directly asking if these are reprints or originals. I’ll pass on what they say


Unfortunately the LP Store is not as fast as I wished. I placed an order at 27th October and I’m still waiting for it to be shipped :smile: Thanks to them, I finally learn to have patience for the first time in my life.


I just got an email saying that if you spend $100 you get 20% off the store. Wish this would have been available last week!


I just was that email lol well it’s good you didn’t wait because last I looked most of the fort minor stuff was sold out lol did you atleast get the cyber weekend free shipping?


Yeah they can be pretty bad lol I just got an email back saying my email has been pushed up to management. I wonder why that is lol what did I do lol


Well if that can reassure you, i wanted to try to get the not deluxe vinyl (couldn’t afford the other…) and tried to put the code but it didn’t work. They say in the mail “some exclusions may apply” i guess the Welcome vinyl is among them :see_no_evil:


No, I paid for the shipping because I didn’t want to wait a couple of days and risk the deluxe being out of stock.


The deluxe one is sold out now. So at the end you did right to order it before :+1:


The Deluxe vinyl is available again (weird). What do you think it means? That people canceled/returned their order or that new reprints were made? Hope someone can bring answers eventually once people start getting the vinyls. I mean, you can’t make all this more mysterious lol. No one seems to know and I can’t believe there’s so little information on something that expensive and supposedly unique (I really wish it’s the real vinyls, cause I’ll love to have some Mike art and/or autograph- The deluxe was sold out when I was able to buy mine and now it’s back I don’t know what to do xD I don’t wanna pay so much for reprints!)

By the way, if you haven’t check, there’s new merchandises for Fort Minor (the rising tied lp and cd ^^)


Last Friday I sent an email to the store asking if it’s a reprint and what you get with it. I got a response back saying my question was pushed up to a manager. I have yet to hear back from them. I also have not received an email saying my vinyl has shipped. Has anyone received theirs yet or is this another street date deal? I hope I hear from the store soon. I mentioned in my email how these had been marked as sold out on the website before Chester passed and now they are available and fans want to know if they are reprints or legit. I will pass on the info once I hear from them :heartpulse: