Fort minor vinyl?!


Well look at that. The deluxe edition is now back in stock. If that’s not a $145 reprint I don’t know what is.


Anyone’s else care to send the store an email asking about this deal? Lol I may not get a response but if we flood them with questions we might get some answers here :laughing:


I followed this tread and was waiting for what they will tell you. I was hoping they would give you an answer this week, but they seem to be a little slow(?) And then the deluxe was back in store and felt thz need to get involved here xD
I’ll see if I can send them an email too, maybe if they get several they’ll put a description or something on the vinyl’s page. Or at least tell us if we’re buying reprints or not (which I won’t at this price!)


I’ve received an email 5 minutes ago that my normal vinyl is shipped. So I’m still don’t know if it’s the limited one or a reprint :smile: let’s hope for the best :muscle:


Same here, I wasn’t expecting for it to be shipped before my other “unfulfilled” ones (included one made on Nov. 23th) but I hope it’ll come soon enough. I guess fans in USA will have it way before me, so we’ll get some answers when they start arriving, though I’m not sure how I will know if the vinyl is the “real” one or not xD


Maybe it comes with a kind of certificate or numbered so you will know ?!


I just got mine and it doesn’t come with a certificate. I wish it did so I could display it with one or something. My jacket appears to be unclaimed on LP Catalog so I guess my sleeve is legit. I’m not opening it though.


Well without opening it I can tell you the signature looks like he used a marker that was starting to die so the sig isn’t a reprint. I’m so unsure if I want to open it though :laughing:


I got an email saying that mine has shipped. I have tweeted at Mike and I’m hoping we’ll get a reply faster from him than we will from “management” haha.


It’s been a week later and the manager hasn’t even replied to me yet :rofl:


Well, it sounds encouraging =)
I’ll be exactly like you though, I’m gonna hesitate about opening it. Maybe I will and then frame it(?) I saw many framed ones and it looks great.

And I was hesitating about asking Mike, but if he aswers you that’ll be great.
Management is really too slow xD


@LPUgirl2 which one did you ordered? The normal or deluxe one? Can you make a picture of it ? :slight_smile:


I got the deluxe :blush:


It looks so cool and colorful!!! I regret to “only” ordered the normal one. I’m so afraid that I will receive a white sleeve without any of paining just with mikes signature :disappointed: But I know I have to pay taxes here in Germany and that would be to expansive for me.


It looks so great. I’m considering buying the deluxe too (despite having bought the normal one already). I want a piece of Mike’s art, but I’ll like to be sure I’m not bying reprints first :laughing:


I got a good one :blush: on the mural it’s the top part of the ear. It is nice and colorful. I didn’t know what to expect. Anything is possible. Maybe you will get one with a little bit of hair or something :blush:. Post a picture when you get it! :blush:


That’s why I bought it. I only have a skate deck reprint from Glorious Excess (dies) so this is a big deal piece for me. I mean it looks real. It’s so hard to say. Here are some close ups.


I will post it. But mine is still in L.A :expressionless:


I hope it leaves LA soon and gets to you! :sparkling_heart: I’m curious as to which one you get. Many of the white squares still have something on them or you could get part of a beard or something :grin: still many that haven’t been registered


That is so lovely from you! Thank you for your kind words! It means so much to me. :heart:
I will let you updated!