Fort minor vinyl?!


It lools pretty legit!
You’re gonna think I’m crazy (and really annoying xD), but can you feel a little bump under your finger where there is ‘paint bumps’ (if that makes sense :sweat_smile:) I can see one on 1st pic, above the sign. Or maybe its the close up and you can’t feel it. But you’ll think you can feel all the little paint’s bumps and whatnot if its not a reprint.

I think I’m gonna buy the deluxe too anyway, it looks so real!

Mine won’t be there before… I don’t even know :laughing: It was still in LA, In-Transit. I’m really curious to see what I get!
Thank you so much for sharing all the information you’ve got, you’re the only one who seems to have a few at the right moment lol You’re a really great help!


I get what you mean and yes you can feel it :grin: (and you aren’t crazy :grin: I was asking the same questions myself lol) And with all four corners having the staples removed I would say it’s real. :smile:. It is so hard to tell apart from those few things lol you can’t really feel much else other than that one paint bump through the plastic. I’m going to just guess that the store is just doing a bad job/ sketchy job of selling these and that’s why they go in and out of stock with selling them. I don’t know why they just don’t keep them in stock and sell out unless they are keeping bunches for anniversaries or something. I’m excited to see what you guys get! :grin:. My only complaints about the physical product is I wish it was numbered and had a certificate explaining the item with a picture of the mural.


Still don’t have mine even though the DHL shipping service has said delivered for over a week. I contacted support and they said they would have to create a reorder.


Oh no! What kind of crap is that from DHL! RIP vinyl artwork RIP :cold_sweat: it would be nice if it mysteriously showed up and you got the reorder too. I hope it ships and arrives quickly!


This looks so rad!

Side note: haven’t heard back from Mike. Looks like he’s happily busy with Christmas festivities / a well deserved break anyway.


:grin: Thank you, I’m glad you understand. And good, all these little details are reassuring (it seems to be real and Imma buy this deluxe one I put in my cart- if it’s still there). Which, by the way, is maybe why it gets in and out of stock(?) Maybe many people wanted to check how much it’ll cost, forgot to cancel it from their cart and so it showed up again when LPStore cleared them(?) I’m really just guessing here :laughing: But it wouldn’t explain the out of stock before Chester’s death… I’ll go with your explanation I think :rofl:
And like you said, it would have been great to have something certificate/number. But maybe the cover is supposed to be confirmation enough(?) :joy:
Can’t wait to get mine!


Maybe the picture of the wall and the certificate are inside the jacket ? You didnt open it right ?


I did not. If there is one I would open it. I don’t know anyone that owns one to ask of there is one.


I don’t know… i don’t have one myself but from what i saw on jnstagram if you look at #myFMvinyl you find some person which do have some and from some comments i understood that the picture of the wall and letter from Mike are inside the jacket.
I will try to find it back and show you if that can be of help :wink:


That would help a lot! Let me know and if it’s true I will open it :grin:


Sorry for the delay… i struggled finding back the info and the few persons i asked didn’t reply (thwy probably got scared that i would like to buy their vinyls :see_no_evil:)
On this page though they say the picture of the mural is inside the jacket. It unfortunately doesn’t say anything about the letter or numbering…


Thank you for finding this! Maybe I’ll ask LP catalog. They might know! :blush:


You still didn’t opened it? When my vinyl will finally arrive at my place ( it is still in LA), I will open it directly. Because I need to know, if it’s still in a good condition after his travel to Germany. :see_no_evil:


Looks like I’m going to open it :laughing: according to LP catalog it comes with a picture of the entire mural as well as a reprint letter from Mike :heart:


Yeah! Do it girl :muscle:
Do you know if the normal one also have this letter or only the deluxe one?


I asked about the deluxe so they knew which one I had but I would assume the other would be the same. Just a guess though :blush:. This is suppose to be the letter we get. I’m not home yet to open mine.


After opening mine I did not find a letter. All I got was a picture of the wall. Bummer. But I still love it and will frame it with the picture of the wall :grin:

Edit: according to LP Catalog the letter only comes with the deluxe vinyl


And you got the deluxe, no ? Maybe the letter was just for the first time they sold it(?) I really don’t know anymore xD At this point I just want mine to arrive to see by myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Still waiting for mine to arrive. :smile:


Is it still in LA ? Mine eventually started moving again after something like two weeks xD It’s on the way to France. The deluxe moved faster. It was sent quick and arrived in France while the normal one was still stuck in LA for like, a week or something :smile: