Fort minor vinyl?!


I think so too! My order was till 15th December in LA and since the 18th December it stucks in customs in Germany. When I think about, that I’ve received mine shipping email on 6th December haha. Could be worse but also could be better :smile: Do you really bought it two times? Damn, that’s crazy! I thought I was crazy to pay such price for a vinyl ,but you are more crazy then me! I love it!


It was the same for me. Was shipped on Dec.6th and got stuck in LA from Dec.8th to the 19th. I’m really not used to this kind of slow process (I used to get my stuffs from Korea in a week, so I guess I was a little surprised when I ordered on LPStore xD).
And, yeah. I tend to get crazy about stuffs I like, though for the vinyls I have an explanation, haha :
When I bought the normal one the deluxe was out of stock (I took quite a long time before deciding to buy it because of how blurry everything was about the origin of the vinyl and all) and then like three days later the deluxe was back in store (I cried ugly tears at that and just said fuck it,take my money you motherfucker).
You’ll notice I only work on two extremes. I can take for-fucking-ever to decide to do something and the next moment just go at it like there’s no tomorrow. I think it’s me in a nutshell :rofl:
So, yeah. I spent a lot, but if it’s the real shit, I don’t mind xD (crossing my fingers and praying it’s real!)


that makes you even more sympathetic to me. :yellow_heart:
Most of the time I really act and think the same way. It’s not good for my money bank account, but it is satisfying enough for do it again and again. :smile:
And I will cry thousands tears when I will have a white jacket. I was asking myself “ok you don’t have that much money left for month - buying the deluxe version and eat instant noodles for two weeks or buying the normal one?” So, at the end I was so hungry that I orderd the normal one :joy: hopefully it won’t be a choice that I will regret.


Oh~ thank you :orange_heart:. I grew kind of fond of you too (is there a friend button here ?)
Ah, yeah. I feel your struggle. I’m lucky these past couple years are not like this for me anymore and I can afford much of what I obsess over xD I take these self gifts as my way to spend some money for myself (like I don’t drink, smoke, party -which turns out to be expensive in the end). I only spend money for stuffs like Fan merchs, items I want, saving for future travels etc… I guess it’s my drug xD And after saying that I feel like the most boring person out there, but whatever :smile:

I cross my fingers for you to have something more than a white jacket. When I ordered mine I hoped to at least get a Mike doodle with the autograph, and if not a little paint, just a shallow line I don’t care. Just something, haha.

Sending all the luck I can your way !


I think he did doodles on white jackets but I could be wrong :blush:. I hope you guys all get your vinyls soon. I can’t believe the wait you are dealing with! :heart:


I think he did on some, but I saw pictures of white jackets with a sign only. I guess he just got tired at some point xD
And, yeah. Overseas fans just learn to be patient xD Don’t have much of a choice, but it must be nice to get your stuffs in a couple of days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I can’t wait to get it and show you guys! (okay, now Mike is just rubbing on me :roll_eyes:)


YOU GUYS. Mine arrived in NZ! It wasn’t supposed to be here until the New Year.


I didn’t know that’s what they looked like, it’s really cool!


That’s what I call a great xmas present ! Thanks for the pics :grinning:


Too sad that there is no friend option here - I would have pushed the button like a thousand times :smiley:
It is the best way to treat yourself right with this kind of gifts. Drinks, Cigarettes etc. don´t last forever, but fan merch do haha. And of course memories of amazing travellings do :wink:

oh no, you are definatly not the most boring person out there - because when it is like that - I would be the most boring person too and I don´t want to be like that :smiley:

I´m still running every time like the sky is falling, when the postman rings the door bell, in believe he could have my vinyl or my other LPU stuff I waiting for ages. I think they will come next year - but hey, then the year will have an amazing great start for me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I´m a really really really bad person when it comes to have patience.Thanks to LP Store and LPU, I finally learn to have patience for the first time in my life.

Let´s see which one of us will get it first! Cross my fingers, that it won´t last so long for you too :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of the details! I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Deluxe, excited to frame it and hang it on the wall. :slight_smile:


HAHA, I looked at your profile and was searching for a FRIEND button but couldn’t see it. I started questioning my eyes and wondering if I was stupid or something. Yep, buying all these fan merchs make me so happy (which is the base of enjoying life- making yourself happy xD)

You’re adorable =3 Thank you for saying that ^^

I’ve got a paper from my local post for something that couldn’t fit in my mail box. I think it’s my deluxe vinyl, but like I’ve ordered thousands LP and Fort Minor stuffs in like two weeks I’m not sure. I’m waiting for my Heavy Totem Pullover hoodie, but I think it would fit in my mail box so. I hope it’s the vinyl!!! I don’t know why the normal vinyl is slower to come, but from the information I have on mine I think it’ll be delivered next week. Where’s yours now ? Mine departed from LA and my last order I got took five days to arrive to me after it departed LA, so I hope to get it next week at best. Starting the year with LP stuffs can only be good :smile:

I was better at patience when younger because of how things were and I could rarely get what I wanted in a short time notice. I always waited and so developped my patience. But now I’m an adult and can afford what I want more or less when I want, I became more impatient, and LPSTORE just forced me to learn patience again xD
Well, at least they teach us good things lol.

I hope you get yours soon too ! I’m really curious to see what you’ll get ^^

P.S : Sorry if this convo is getting out of topic… :sweat_smile:


That’s great! It’s worth buying in my humble opinion :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is what my cover looks like. Its a very thin package. Not sure I want to open this. I ordered the deluxe version, is this what that is? I thought I was supposed to have wall art from Mike?


Is it all tan? Maybe you got a part of someone’s face. It has the staples so yes that’s what it is.


Did we confirm these are reprints? I would assume they are…did you open yours?


I opened mine and registered it on LP Catalog. I do not think these are reprints. You can refer back up to the pictures I posted of mine in this thread. I opened mine. I didn’t get the letter from mike like the deluxe is suppose to have but there is marks on it that would seem to indicate it’s legit. Scroll up and look if you want and you will see what I’m talking about.


So, the confirmation it’s real is finally here
That’s great guys!


Just got my deluxe one !!! (I’m freaking out, I’m so happy :smile:

Now I get why you didn’t want to open it LPUgrl2 :smile: I wanna get the vinyl but I don’t want the jacket to be damaged lol. I’ll wait to get the frame I think :stuck_out_tongue:


That is beautiful! Are you going to register it on LP Catalog? It is pretty easy. I wonder if you have the letter from Mike inside your deluxe.