Fort minor vinyl?!


I was so happy to see the jacket. I was hoping for lines/design and got just that ^^

Yes, I already checked and found it, I just need to update the pic somewhere first to link it to the lpcatalogue. It’s from the dude with a red hat, its a part of his bird, shirt collar and the fold of said shirt. I even got a piece of his neck, haha. (Yes, I’m really happy about my vinyl jacket ;P)


Speaking of frames, I really like this one for CD’s and the cost is reasonable. Anyone trying to do something like this for the Vinyl? I’m trying to find a similar one for vinyl’s but not seeing it:

CD Frame


You should join the LP app! Then we can officially be friends haha ! :smile:

My Vinyl still stuck in customs - so no Christmas vinyl present for me💔 I just should remind myself to have patience - really not my thing.

But as I can see in later comments you have received yours!!! I’m so happy for you!!! And it looks so amazing! Definitely the best choice to bought the deluxe vinyl :+1:

Thank you for sharing your jacket with us :slight_smile:


I am on the lp app! Under the same username :wink:

I really wish yours comes next week at least. My normal one arrived in France and is on the way to my place :smiley: cross my fingers for you then

Yep, the deluxe one arrived quite fast, and thank you, I love it!

This all discussion here with everyone just made the experience better. It’s so much fun sharing all that with other fans and feeling the excitation and happiness every time someone gets theirs and share pics :smile:


That would be a really cool way to display it. I’m not sure how I’m going to display mine yet. I kind of want the letter from Mike shown as well as the picture of the mural framed in with the jacket. Not sure if the record itself will be displayed outside the jacket. I am just not sure yet :grin:


Wait, so you got the letter ? I thought you didn’t :smile:


I didn’t. I sent an email asking LP Catalog about the vinyls and they told me about the letter. They emailed me a scan of it so I can print it off and frame it if I want. It’s just a reprint letter anyways so no different than getting it included :grin:


Oh, that’s great. And you’re right, it’s no different than the ones included in the previous vinyls.


Great! Sorry but now I have to find you and add you :joy: you had the chance to say no, but now it’s too late :joy::joy::joy::joy:

You are so right! This discussion here is so amazing, it’s like the cherry on the whole top :slight_smile:

@LPUgrl2 great idea to ask for the letter! I think I will do the same! It will looks so good to frame the jacket, letter, picture and the vinyl :heart_eyes:


Hey guys are the Vinyl s stil available


It looks like both the regular and deluxe are still in stock. Just go to the LP store site and click fort minor/Mike Shinoda. :grin:


Just got my normal vinyl!! I’m really satisfied :smile:


Amazing! Just received mine 5 min ago! Can’t believe it!!! I´m so happy - and it´s not a white jacket :smiley: I don´t know from which part it is , but a least it´s a part from something haha.

Yours is pretty cool also!!!

But I can´t upload my picture. Is there a special trick?


Ok it works now :slight_smile:


Wow ! It’s a super cool one !


Nice~ So happy you got yours too!!! And its not a blank jacket celebration

Are you going to put it on lpcatalogue?

@sforreal : thank you! I really like it :grin:


Am I crazy when I think about to order the deluxe one too? :smile:

Yes I will! I think that I have a part of the shoe from the girl on the right.
Do you found yours?


Of course not you’re not (how could I think YOU are crazy when I’m pondering ordering more vinyls… I just love the trill of waiting to find what you get xD). I need to control myself, but if the vinyls are still there, let’s say, when i lose control over my rational side in the very near future… I may add to my FM welcome vinyl collection (I feel completely insane only thinking that!)

Yes, I sent the pic already. It’s part of the sleeve from the girl on the left.

I hope you buy the deluxe too, cause I love seeing what people get too xD


Trust me, when I’m ordering again - only the deluxe one! :joy::joy::joy:

I don’t want to be afraid again for getting a “more white” then mine now :smiley:


Lmfao. Same for me (I think), if I buy more, it’ll be deluxe one(s). I really need to stop though, or I’ll end up buying what’s left of the wall xD (if only I had the money for that ;P)