Fort minor vinyl?!


It’s like trading card packs or something! I loved the mystery of it as well! The deluxe ones are just awesome but it looks like everyone’s normal edition turned out good :grin:. I want to order more lol but I just can’t :laughing:


I’m so happy you got yours! And you got a good piece! I wonder what is left for the deluxe pieces. I’m not sure if this release of vinyls is limited and they stash more away for another anniversary or something! I hope you end up getting a deluxe :grin:


Right! It’s a really exciting and satisfying experience, and knowing the vinyls are so special just adds to it. Maybe there’ll be some left when you can afford more ^^


I could afford it but I’m kinda wanting to spend money on Disney stuff lol disney is my happy place so kind of want some Disney stuff and at the same time I love and appreciate Mike sooooooo :laughing: I don’t know what to do :laughing: adult problems :laughing:


Haha, I get it now. What a dilemma indeed. Hope you do get to Disney and enjoy yourself. It must be so much fun ! With little luck the vinyls will still be around or be back around when you don’t have anything else to spend money on :wink:


Oh I’m not going until 2019 I think lol disney world has new things to open still. So either I save for that, buy other Disney merch, or buy a vinyl :laughing: being an adult is hard :laughing:


Yeah, but being an adult means you can do all these things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Even though the frustration can get high at times xD The joy of adulthood I guess :woman_shrugging:


Thank you my dear! :hugs:
I think I will order my deluxe one tomorrow :smile: like @cissoye and you said before - it’s like a drug and you want more and more. We are all collectors, that’s our gene.

Tomorrow is payday, so I’m counting the hours :smile:

Thank you for so much fun guys! Best experience ever :heart:


@zinler did you order yours or do you still think about to do it?


I will Order it soon


Should we Order it together?
So we Dont pay so much for the shipping.
I want to get the deluxe Version.

Are these reprints or Originals and is the signature of mike an original? Cant believe he really signed 500pcs


Damn it! So sorry, but you are a little bit to late :frowning: I ordered my deluxe one yesterday!

When my normal vinyl arrived, I didn’t had to pay taxes - so I’m sure you won’t do it either. If you take the standard shipping it takes up to 3 weeks. Depends how fast customs office is working.

I don’t think that it is a reprint, because I had on each corner small stapler holes.


Ok Damn

I will order it maybe tomorrow…
So you think even the signature is real?
Man there are already 2 packages on the way to me…

One is the celebrate life hoodie and a cap ordered on 30.10.2017

The lpu17 bundle

And now the vinyl hope it wont need that mich time


I would say yes, it is real. LP catalogue posted via twitter couple days ago, that the vinyl is still on sale on LP Store - I think they would have said it, when it is a reprint.
I hope so :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for my Celebrate Life Poster which I ordered back on 27th October. Hopefully it will arrive in the next weeks .
My Chester Tee arrived this week and it was also ordered late back in October.

I hope your items will arrive soon! Waiting for it so long sucks, but it’s worth it! :slight_smile:


It’s real. I have two other signatures as well and it is Mikes signature. He is use to signing a lot. I’m sure he did 50 to 100 at a time or something. They are really beautiful though! I’m happy he did this. His normal art pieces from his pervious shows I believe we’re really expensive unless you got one of his reprints. I’m happy he made it affordable for us to buy a piece of his art.


So i think i will order the Vinyl today.
Is there color in every part of it or could it be that i get one without any color (talking about the Normal version)
And is there a huge difference between deluxe and normal?


I think it all depends on your luck with the normal version. You could get a white jacket with a sign or one with some lines. With the deluxe you’re sure to get one of the big art in color (I think). It could either be a jacket with only one color (if you get only skin or a part of a clothes) or have some kind of design. Again, it all depends on your luck :smile:
You can check above what a few of us got in different versions ^^


Hey! which one did you ordered at the end?
I hope that @cissoye’s answer could helped you, to find the right one for you! :slight_smile:


Hi Guys, I am so pleased I started this thread! My vinyl came just before Xmas and I’m so pleased with it! 26196771_1833707279973668_152666946_n


And it looks good :slight_smile:️:+1:
I’m happy for you, that you got yours!