Fort minor vinyl?!


Thank you for starting this thread! And your vinyl looks great :smile:


I didnt ordee it by now😅


Wow! You got a great piece! I am happy you started this thread too because I was wondering the same thing. I’m so happy you were able to get one of the vinyls too and it’s a good piece :grin:


Do it boy! Order the deluxe version :smile:


I think I will order today :slight_smile:


Yeah! Join the exciting journey of the welcome vinyl. :smile:
Which takes sometimes really long and you don’t know what you get till the End :joy:
I would recommend you the deluxe one. It’s expensive, but worth it. :metal:


I finally did it😊


Congrats :tada:


Can’t wait to see what you get :grin:


Me too :smile::smile::smile:


Hey @cissoye! Did you see, LP Catalog has updated the FMWelcome Wall with the new jackets. Mine is verified , what about yours? :slight_smile:


Yep :grin: Mine was updated too. There was like, four jackets (included mine) waiting to be updated when I did it the last time. I’m really happy people are getting the vinyls and putting them on LPcatalogue. I’ve found and seen yours and @sforreal there, which made me smile like an idiot :rofl:


Mine ? I unfortunately don’t have one yet … i truly wish ! All yours make me dream a lot but i am recently unemployed so i prefer to be careful until i find a new job whih will bring me more security … Hopefully i can order one soon and before they are sold out :scream::pray:t2::cold_sweat:


Lmfao, sorry, I put the wrong username :joy: I meant @LPUgrl2. That’s what happens when I get confident with my memory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Anyway, I really hope for you the vinyl will still be around when you can afford it! And that you will get a new job sends all the luck I can your way


I’ve tagged wrong people too :laughing: I love seeing people add their vinyls to the Wall! And you just want to keep ordering to help complete it :laughing:


Exactly! My main motivation when I consider buying more is to add to the wall, lmfao. But I won’t, maybe if it’s still around in a couple of months I will buy another one but for now I have to control myself for other stuffs. Need to control the crazy a little :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha ! No worries :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
:pray:t2: thanks a lot ! I really hope too ! :purple_heart:


I also ordered one two weeks ago and can’t wait for it to arrive!


What did you order ? Deluxe or Normal ? Anyways, I hope you’ll share with us what you get :grin:


The deluxe :+1:t3: And then the dilemma of opening it :thinking: