Fort minor vinyl?!


Oh great :grinning: And if I had an advice, it would be to not open it. I opened the first one I got and not the second one, and it looks better not opened. But then, I know how it feels once you have it. You want to see what’s inside and the vinyl :rofl: I still haven’t framed my jacket, but I guess if you plan to do it, you can open it and expose the vinyl along the jacket (I saw pics like that and it looks great!).
Dunno if I was of any help, lol, but whatever :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Unopened is nice! Kind of wish I hadn’t opened mine but at the same time it’s a beautiful piece no matter what. The vinyl is beautiful and you get a picture of the entire mural inside. You could display it many different ways if you open it. I feel like it does possibly loose value however once opened but I might be wrong.


Same for me. After opening the Deluxe one (like it arrived first) I was disappointed, because it didn’t look the same(?) if that makes any sense :laughing: But I think once framed it’ll look great eveni f it’s opened (just need to find the right frame!)
And you bring up an interesting point. I wonder too now if it loses value once opened (like collector toys etc…).


:dizzy_face::disappointed_relieved: Oh no… Now i feel bad to somehow induced you to open it … I’m sorry


If you’re never going to sell it, then I wouldn’t worry about the value of it. Most likely they will be so rare to find, once sold out, that being opened won’t make a difference to the value and people will pay crazy prices for them. I can’t imagine there ever being more than 1 available to buy.

Please don’t sell them anyways :sweat_smile:


Definitly not planning on selling it ever! And I think I’m way to curious anyway :joy:

@LPUgrl2 and @cissoye I understand what you mean. First fingers crossed that it will arrive :sweat_smile:


You have nothing to feel bad about :grin: I was curious and on the fence about opening it anyways. It looks beautiful opened. I really love how pretty the vinyl looks and I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t opened it :grin: I’m debating if at some point I order another one and keep it closed. It’s like collecting an action figure. You want one to open and one sealed just Incase the value increases but you have no intention to ever sell it :laughing:


My deluxe one arrived today! And I’m totally happy this time ! I wished it was from that girl :slight_smile:️ Unfortunately the welcome sticker is infront of his signature :smile: He wants me to open the jacket! And I thought this time, that I want to keep it closed…


Awesome jacket :+1: So happy for you you’ve got the one you wanted.
Mike is trolling you, though :joy: Even without trying he still manages to!! That’s what I call talent :ok_hand:


Trollnoda will never stop trolling :smile:

Did you see this post? I was laughing so hard!


That’s exactly the post I had in mind when I said that, I just wasn’t sure anymore where I read it. It’s hilarious and I’m still laughing thinking about it :joy:


I love it!
I just got a notification that the package arrived in my country. Hope it will be here soon :blush:


I hope that you will get it soon!!! Can’t wait to see which one you will get :slight_smile:


Me neither. I bought it as a gift to myself for my 40th birthday next month. Best birthdaygift ever :joy::sunglasses:


Yessssss!!! It arrived and ofcourse I opened it :blush:

I’m just a bit confused. There is no letter inside and most of it is white :thinking: Love it anyway!

@LPUgrl2 they send you the letter by email?


Really nice one! You even got a little doodle from Mike :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
It’s good you opened it, because the vinyl is worth it too :wink:

And @LPUgrl2 will tell you herself, but yes, she got the letter via mail. She asked LPCatalogue if I’m not mistaken. But she’ll give you better details ^^


Thanks! I emailed support to ask if it is the right bundle and if they can e-mail me the letter.

The doodle was the first thing I noticed :joy:


Sorry for the delay. I emailed LPCatalog after I registered my vinyl and asked them about the letter. They were kind enough to email me the letter so I can print it out and frame it :grin:


I’m happy for you that your vinyl arrived!
It is a good jacket! It’s more colorful then my normal vinyl :+1: But you purchased the deluxe one, right?

What did the LP Store answered you @sabje102 ?


Looks so great ! I love it !
The temptation is huge … :see_no_evil: