Fort Minor Vs. D-12!


Alright, i’ve got my popcorn. Lets hear it…

In a rap freestyle battle, who do you think would win? Fort Minor or D-12?


fort minor


I’m only heard My Band, from D-12 so I can’t judge.
Besides, D-12 is a group and Fort Minor is just Shinoda
So I think is wrong to compare both.


I think they’re kind of different… Mmm, I preffer Shinoda’ style: FM.


Fort Minor is way better :slight_smile:


Fort Minor! :slight_smile:


D-12 is not even good. Eminem is the only one that stands out. Its more of a Mike versus Eminem lol We all know the winner.


Fort Minor’s REAL STREET COLLECTIVE MOVEMENT is way better than this crappy D-12.

Because of Fort Minor, a lot of less-known rappers were discovered and this is what makes it fantastic.