Fort Minor Welcome Back Shirt


I have been a dedicated LP Soldier for as long as I can remember now as well as supporting Fort Minor through the years. Recently Fort Minor products have been added to the LP store, so I thought I would check it out being a huge fan. I came across the Welcome Back Fort Minor shirt and instantly wanted it. The only thing is, is that the shirt itself is $35 not including tax and shipping. Can anyone tell me if this shirt is worth the the huge amount of money or not? I really want this shirt but don’t know if I want to spend this much on one t-shirt. Also, I tried 2 weeks ago to order this shirt but when I hit process order I got an error message and it turns out the order did not go through. However I was still charged for the full amount. I sent the store support 3 emails asking if my transaction was completed and if the order went through. I did not get a response for over 2 weeks. So can anyone tell me if I should attempt to try and purchase this shirt again?


First and foremost, contact Lorenzo or Lulu, they’ll help you for sure! Don’t make another purchase before one of them gets back to you.

As for the shirt itself, I got one myself. I wanted the vinyl but it’s crazy expensive and I can’t afford it. I was skeptical at first to even get one of the shirts since the total cost was 50 euros for me but I ended up ordering it and I’m actually pretty happy I did. The shirt is amazig, apart from the designs, the quality is dead on! I love it! It’s the best band merch tee I’ve ever purchased, it’s so damn good, so totally worth the money. Be careful with the sizes though, I ordered what I always get (a men’s M) but this one is huge on me, more like a dress so keep that in mind if you place another order.


I tend to wear a size (Men’s Medium) so should i order a small or does it shrink a lot? 100% cotton?


90% cotton and 10% polyester. Don’t think it shrinks (haven’t washed it yet since I’ve only worn it once). Maybe the sizing chart will help you? I’m a girl but prefer my clothes a little bigger since I can’t bear them sticking on me, hence the men’s M, not sure if an S would be better since my only problem with the M is that it’s a bit too long.


Got my tshirt at the Danish gig yesterday and they’re quite oversized. I usually wear an extra small, and a small just is bigger than I wish. The price is fine, I think is well worth it, they look great both back and front.


Where can I find the fort minor gear on the website?