Forum Fixer UserScript


I’ve been working on a thing that makes the LPU forum a bit better to look at and fixes a few things. Some things so far are making the profile info on the side more informative, changing the smiles to look a little better, fixing some people’s profile picture from being too big, and adding signature borders to everyone’s post. Below is a before and after



Any suggestions on what else to add or fix?


I actually didn’t even know this was so bad until today when I was looking around the forum, but I fixed it now:






Here’s a video about how I posted this video


[size=13]UPDATE: The actual release![/size]

For some reason I didn’t post the download before, so here it is now, this includes…
The new user area on the side of each post
Signature dividers
Fixes for people without profile pictures
Different emoticons
NOT the page number thing because it ended up not working
Removal of the “I am not a bot” box
Hiding of signatures in quotes
Ability to embed YouTube videos


The buttons that are supposed to show up on the first post now actually show up. That means if you created the thread, you can more easily edit the first post, or even delete the thread

Non-square profile pictures. If you uploaded your profile picture in a size that isn’t a square, it no longer shows up as one

First posts in threads also don’t show up on every single page anymore, only the first page