Forum Issues Once Again


Ok so another year and same old issues once again.

#1 Please oh please change the font, it’s bad for reading longer posts than 1 line. Looks bad on 15", 17", 22" and my 32" tv. Maybe it’s just me?
#2 Please add “LAST” to topic pages.
#3 Please remove user signatures when quoting, it’s frustrating to remove them each time we quote someone…
#4 Please add a few lines of code so after editing your post it takes you to the edited post and not to 1st topic page…

sincerely, once-again-frustrated-user.


Longer displayed topic names would be nice.


I have no problem with the font and reading posts (27")
Apart from that I agree with you.


For the text problem, try zooming in on the page. A lot of times it doesn’t look to good when you zoom in, and can make things even worse, but on here it actually helps. I’m almost positive the website was meant to do that, as well, since zooming really far makes it the mobile interface


Issues noted and will be brought up. I agree on them as well. :]