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There’s a few things that I’d like to suggest get changed or added to the forum. I may update these as they come to mind:

  • Changing link color or adding an underline.
    Currently links look identical to normal text, so it is impossible to tell if it’s a link unless it is a URL. For example, can you tell which word in the last sentence is a link?

  • Adding a link to the main ground(ctrl) profiles from the forum profile.
    Because the main site profile URLs are not linked to the username and can be decided separately, it gets hard to find someone to add them as a friend or message them from the forums. For example Stefan Spelman’s (just a random user I chose) main site profile is , but on the forums it is .

  • Stating whether or not a user is an LPU member or not.
    Now that the forums are open to non-LPU members, it would be nice to know if a member on the forum is part of the LPU or not, because they can only access some categories.

  • Remove “Private Message @username” from report menu.
    Because private messages are disabled on the forum (most likely to keep it on the main site), selecting this comes up with an error.

  • Disabling the 20 character requirement for posts.
    There are a few forum games that involve just posting a word or two to participate, so needing to type 20 characters when all that needs to be said is “Oreo” is annoying.

  • Moving the “Back to Linkin Park” link.
    This one is just a visual suggestion and not very important. It’d be nice if the link was in the main navigation bar, as a home button or something, it just looks weird where it is. Also needing to scroll to the top of the page is a bit annoying at times. Also doesn’t show correctly on mobile pages.


Point 3, 5 & 6, well said Jordan :3


I miss my sig. I think it’s something that gives users more character.


I mentioned this to @matt_ctrl but I’ll go ahead and change it now since black links and black text is… real bad mojo. I tried to pick a color from the background but darkened a bit.

This will take a bit more work but it is common to want to sync the parent profile and discussion profiles in a reasonable way, URL is a good one, also bringing bits of state from the parent profile too!

Please keep reminding us about this stuff as we and Ground Control will be launching more sites and we want everyone to have a good experience. You guys are the guinea pigs, I mean that in a nice way! :hamster:

Yeah this is a bug! Sorry about that! When PMs are disabled we should remove that from the flag menu.

I’ll turn it down to 10, but we don’t like this too low as it can lead to some … not great discussions. We prefer not to encourage people typing “OK” and “Yes” and things like that as responses. Fine for snapchat or iMessage… not so good for actual discussions!

The only way to do this at the moment is to dock it 100% of the time, so it’d be a slice of the top of the browser dedicated to this function.

Make sure you’ve customized your user card on your profile! You can set a custom background and “about me” that displays when anyone clicks or taps on your avatar. Badges can also factor into this…


Quite a bump to this, but got some stuff. Most of it I assume is on the Linkin Park side of things and not Discourses choices, but either way:

Enabling names in the settings: Not quite sure why this is disabled. It’s optional, so why not have it turned on?

Broken links and very outdated info: FAQ is from about 4 years ago, Terms and Privacy links are broken. Not really urgent stuff, but worth bringing up

Another kinda small thing, there’s a messages button in the user/notification menu, but we can’t message on here so it has no purpose, same goes for the messages area of the profile itself. Not really breaking anything, just no reason being there


Thanks! I updated the terms and privacy, is there a better link for FAQ?

PMs are disabled here so we’ll make sure the menus reflect that…


There’s this:
It only really reflects LPU related questions and not LP as a whole, but so does the older link so I still think it might be an improvement as it refers to this year and not 2011


I’ve got a suggestion:

Why not make private messaging a free feature? Like it is on every other forum in existence. The fact that you have to have a paid LPU account to use basic messaging is beyond stupid.


I think it’s worth asking again to somehow incorporate the main site’s messaging into the forums in some way. Doesn’t have to be a full on integration, just adding a link to people’s profiles at least would be nice, or even just add the main profile’s link on the forum profile. The messaging URL is or just the profile is

You’d think that someone could just take the username off the forum and stick it to the end of one of those links, but you can have a different custom URL on the main site than your username, which makes things difficult. Some people have exceptions to this of course because they set both to the same thing, but it’s not required you do, and it’s not even required you set a custom URL at all, most users just have the randomly generated URL

Looking around at what Discourse can do, I saw blogs are possible. While I’m not sure if multiple users on one site kind of blogs are possible, but I feel like Discourse could replace ground(ctrl) (I forget their new name) as a whole


This! It’s so annoying having to go back to the actual site and search for people. Especially when they don’t have the same user name as in the forums.


Why does that happen? My username on the main LP site the_termin8r yet here it’s the_termin8r1. Why is that so? I never put that ‘1’ on the end of my name it just appeared there.


In most cases the actual username is the same, aside from spaces becoming underscores and similar stuff to that, it’s just the URL that’s different

As for your case, it appears there’s another account with your name already, so it added a 1


Ah, that’d explain it. I also made a ‘termin8r’ account because I thought I couldn’t use this one again as it was an LPU redeem code account, so I ended up getting 600 or so points because it was still usable lol.