Frankfurt Festhalle 17/11/2014 Audio Download


Hi all,

is there any opportunity to download the whole audio like other concerts in the past? Usually there was a code to redeem - bought right at the concert or later on the internet.

Is there anybody who knows more than me? :slight_smile:



Unfortunately no DSPs right now.


I wait to the offical bootleg too :pensive: i wrote an Email to the German linkin park Side. They have no Information about a Bootleg…i hope it will be come, the Show in Frankfurt was legend…!and we will be so sad when we have “only” the Memory in our Heads ( we want the Memory in our ears :smile:!)


LP has not been releasing official audio of their concerts since late 2012 and they don’t appear to have any plans of doing so again in the future.


Thanks a lot, really bad…

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