Frankfurt Meet&Greet


Ok everyone who brought a Meet&Greet package with early entry for the show in Frankfurt? Me and my sis already brought one let’s see how many we will be : )


Its too much money …

Went with the regular ticket for oberhausen (will get a m&g anyway)


Is that on 17th of november?


@jusT_happy You’ll go with your sister! Wow, that are 1000 Euro, right? For me, this huge amount is inappropriate.

@ElizabtaM Yes, it’s on the 17th


We all have early entry, so I don´t need a package xD too expensive

I will sign in for the normal meet&greet


I got it as a present =) so yeah, definitely going =)
But unfortunately going alone & could definitely use some company since I don’t speak German =(


Anyone else going?


I´m going xD


I’m going alone too and would love some company. Maybe we could do some sort of a meet up beforehand?


I am going too! With a friend. If anyone is going alone and has no company, message me! Had the same problem before I found someone who would pay this much for a ticket :smiley: we can meet up somewhere there and join the meet and greet together :slight_smile:


@verena & @rumeysa that would be awesome! We could all meet up together =)
Do you already have the tickets or do you have to pick them up at the entrance that day ? Because that’s what I have to do


@Elizabeta I asked my friend if he got the tickets already and he said we have to pick them up at the entrance like we have to tell them our name and we would then get our tickets. I hope he is right! It’s my first concert and I really don’t know how all of this works!


@Rumeysa yeah, same here
Do you maybe have a Facebook or something so it’s easier to stay in touch?


Yeah sure @elizabet , sent you a message :slight_smile:


I already have my ticket, but I think that there won’t be any problems if you have to pick them up at the entrance. Did you also enter for the Meet and Greet lottery? When will you guys be at the venue? Maybe we could meet up in the early afternoon, I don’t live that far away from Frankfurt, so I’m pretty flexible about the time. I already look forward to meeting you :)!


@verena no I didn’t, I got those tickets for 350$ as a birthday present. I’m not sure when we will be there but I’m living next to Frankfurt too, just an hour away. We can talk about the meeting time when we are closer to the date of the concert. Have to ask my friend and also @elizabeta when she can join us :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward too! It’s going to be sooo cool !


@verena do you have Facebook as well? We can group chat there =)

I also got the 350$ ticket as a present =)
I’m actually from Croatia but i’m coming to Frankfurt around 14th of November, so maybe we can even meet before the concert
This is my first time in Germany in general and definitely a first on an lp show


@Elizabeta: I just wrote you a message about Facebook:).
Sure we can meet earlier, that would be awesome! The 14th is the Friday before the the show, right? We could have a coffee or go shopping if you like.