Free merchandise - is it legit?


A page called Linkin Park Memorium provides free merchandise - just for the price of shipment. They claim they want to spread the information about mental health and depression this way.

One week ago I saw the same on Bledz (, they claimed it is a tribute to Chester.

Do you think it’s legit? I think not, but I have to admint it’s tempting :slight_smile:


There are ALOT of these floating around

Mike Shinoda Tweeted that there are many whom “claim” to be doing it for Chester or they will donate etc etc

But he goes on to say to truely honor him we should buy directly from the Linkin Park Store and if you want to donate you can donate to Music For Relief One More Light Fund


If it’s not official there’s no meaning in having it…even if it’s free…:neutral_face:


Agreed :slight_smile:


Well, I’d like to have my own design. I’d order it from elsewhere. No way to have it from LPU.