Free OML with ticket purchase, HELP!


Does anyone know what the policy is for the free choice of which copy of OML when you by tickets for the concert? I purchased 8 tickets for me and some friends and I’m hoping i can mix it up with half cd, half digital download because not everyone wants the same thing. When i go to redeem to get them it defaults to 8 copies of the same format and i don’t want to pick 4 cds and lose out on the 4 digital copies for the friends that prefer that format. Please help!


Since it’s through TM, I’d check with them. I don’t know if it lets you split or not.


Just got off the phone with ticketmaster and they don’t know either! There is nothing specified anywhere!


But can’t the friends who want digital copies…just get digital copies from the CD? lol


they wont let you mix it if its in the same order
if its two separate orders then you can do 4 and 4 but if you bought all 8 together then they ask for them all to be the same format
this was written either in their email or their website link when you register, I cant remember