FRGT/10 mixed with its Demo


Merry Xmas, heres my last for today :wink:

This song describes how I feel being forgotten by mostly everyone…like the song says “Im The Forgotten”.

Enjoy :sunglasses:


Its a good song but you have to know that people care about even if no else cares about you I want you to that everyone here cares about you cares were a family


Thank You, your words touch me really

I do have a Wife, 7 Cats, and My Parents / relatives but they don’t know a lot of my past/ who I am

I wonder a lot what is my purpose…

Anyways Merry Xmas LP Fans, gotta sleep now (4 Am In JP)



Merry Christmas to you as while sweet dreams


Nice job thank you get some sleep


I forgot about this song it’s been soo long this song came out when I was 18 I’m 32 now lol awesome!


Thanks Everyone, Im happy you liked it

@annejprado know how you feel, Im 26 just a few years behind you but its an underated classic really, better than the one on Hybrid Theory (in my opinion) :slightly_smiling_face:


It is really close normally I hate remixes but I love this one.


I hate remixes too

The difference between me and most ppl who remix are that I use real LP assets (real songs/beats/demos/etc)

Actually Everything Ive done so far is just combining songs, it all sounds good because although remixed - its real unlike people who just add effects all over the place

I put my heart and soul into the songs that have connected to me


Yeah and yours sound good and I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into them but my favorite is yours on forgotten


@turners34 Thank You really

My Hands Held High Krwling (Although a lot of people said great) I felt I could kinda tell its an edit. Breaking The Habit turned out great, but I agree Frgt/10 blew me away

Would you believe me if I told you I made this in like 15 mins RUSHING while I spent longer on the others? Its true

The reason is because Frgt/10 was an easy project but sounds amazing


You’re kidding while I actually get that cause I wrote a song in 20 before and if you like I put them in the barracks


Sure I would love to hear it

It was easy actually, might of been less than 15

Frgt/10 is the core

I did not take any part of the song and edit it because it would sound bad

I took the Frgt/10 DEMO which had different parts and cut and pasted it perfectly into the Studio Version

Same for Breaking, I took the Extended Intro, Breaking The Habit Vocals and Combined it with the LP Demo Drawing (2002)

Basically its like a puzzle.

Papercut (my upcoming project), might be different because theres too many versions to it and I don’t know what to do yet


It’s under I wrote a song have no idea for a title still stuck on that part though


You should post it, maybe I or someone else can help


I did post it about 5 days ago so it may be hard to find


K Ill check it out tomorrow

Gotta go to work in a few hours so I need to sleep

Ill think of something for Somewhere I belong just give me time


@darkn3ss this is a wonderful song and we care for each other and if u need to talk I’m here for u.


@hilaryfol Thank You, that’s very nice of you and Im happy you like the song.