Front and rear standing?


What’s this about then? Can any one shed some light on this for me, I’ve been to a few gigs but never experienced this before? Is it just Birmingham or all venues? Looking forward to going will be my second to at lp. Who else is going to Birmingham how many times have you seen the band?


I’m going to the Birmingham show, I think it’s my 12th time or so…

I was at this arena in November and there wasn’t anything such as front and rear standing, seems odd to me, this was for Placebo so I am guessing there is a bigger layout in place as the arena is actually massive, but only a small amount of space was taken for the concert floor.


This is my 10th show. They did it at this same venue in 2003/2004, I forget the year… it was part of the Meteora World Tour. Standing was split by a barrier and only the first so many thousand at the venue got the special wrist bands to come and go as they pleased. I’m hoping that this way they’re rewarding the first people to buy tickets instead of doing it the way they did back then, as it’s not easy to get to the venue and queue for ages if you’re a parent like I am.


Cool thanks guys. My misses got front standing this morning, (a thank you for getting Metallica tickets for her) was just intrigued!


Good work. I can’t wait. So pleased that I can head straight from work and know that I won’t be at the back! The pit doesn’t seem to move the same way as it did 15 years ago, so it’s harder to get to the front unless you’ve been queuing for hours… Everybody is too scared of damaging their iPhones :joy: I’m happy to be a few rows back, been at the front row for more than my fair share.


I think you can find info on the tickets site
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