Full list of LP songs anywhere?


I’m trying to see if I have everything. Does anyone know if there exists a full track list? LP first, then Hybrid Theory, and maybe side projects


Not sure how accurate or complete this is.


thx, that helps for LP tracks. but there are a bunch missing (many LPU tracks)


The Discography tab on the LP site should have everything from the LPU


LPA Wiki is also accurate: http://wiki.lpassociation.com/index.php/Linkin_Park (just to make sure).
You can find the songs under each single album (studio, remix and LPU).

Or the discography on this site… :slight_smile:


The above mentioned link also contains their side projects and pre-LP discography. All in all, I think this is the most comprehensive list, but it still doesn’t contain Acapellas and instrumentals, and “Live around the world” series which is available in wikipedia.