Full Screen Direct Return/exchange Issue


Hoping someone can help me with this company. Ordered and received my LPU 16 bundle, but need to return/exchange the Tshirt for a different size. Have contacted through the email several times, but still don’t know how to process the return - the most info I have been given is that I have to pay for shipping, I have no idea where to send my return to? I cannot find a designated return address anywhere.



Have you tried working through LPU - LPUHQ@LPUNDERGROUND.COM ?


I have not, didn’t even know it existed. Is that the email I use to contact them?


That is the email support here, it goes to Lorenzo and staff that may be able to help you out more than most can.


If I remember correctly, there should have been a sticker included with the package in the situation that you need to return something, with shipping information, but I’m sure you still need to get in contact with someone so there isn’t a random shirt arriving without explanation


Thanks for the help, Derek!


Yes, that is true - in my excitement to open the package, I probably just didn’t see the slip :smirk: Lol
I’ll have to re-check when I get home. Thanks for pointing that out!


Did you figure everything out?


No - the sticker included in the package was only a packing slip - I just need to know what address to send a return/exchange to! Anyone??


I’m super sorry I never got back to you about this. I’m hoping you figured something out, but I feel really bad if you didn’t. Unfortunately, if the sticker or something else in the package didn’t have the return address, I’m not sure where it would be going, as Fullscreen Direct doesn’t have their own shipping, LPU has to provide that service through someone else. If you still need help, you can contact LPU support again at the email that Derek mentioned a few posts back