Funeral or smaller somber memorials


I heard the funeral was today. No one will say which cemetary it was though. Im in So Cal and wish I could visit his grave and pay respects. Or go to a small memorial, not the giant one for Ag 6th that was moved a big field in downtown cause they have thousands of people going. I dont want to go to one that has a party like atmosphere, like some do, with people smiling, etc. Im too sad and want to go to a more somber vigil. I wish they would have one just for fan club members where we know its likely that the other people there will probably be low key also and supportive. I can understand the family might not want the public knowing where the cemetary is because they probably dont want any haters going and desecrating his grave. Millions loved him, but LP had a lot of haters also, sadly. But it would be nice if there could be a memorial that would be somber like a funeral is that LPU members could go to or if I could visit his grave.


I attended the Sydney memorial yesterday, it was very somber and respectful. Only about 25 of us, lots of quiet reflecting. People laid their tributes, some read out letters they had written to Chester and OML was played. Unfortunately security moved us on a few times but that didn’t stop us sharing that time together :heart:


We had a small one in Melbourne, about 20 on Friday night and smaller on Saturday for those who can’t make it on Friday. similar to Sydney, very respectful. We were luckier that we didn’t have security hassling us, we were by the river next to the arena that LP would always play. We recalled good times and silly things we would do to meet the guys, talked about concerts. I strongly recommend you to go to one, maybe find a smaller one in the area or connect with other LPU members… it gave me closure, and hope.