Future of Linkin Park,Suggestion. Read MIKE SHINODA


I recently saw Mike’s interview with Zane Lowe from Beats 1. And with that interview, I thought it was past the time I contacted Mike or the LP to suggest what they could do about the future of the band without Chester.
Well, I fully understand that Chester’s voice is irreplaceable and with the show at Hollywood Bowl it became clear that no matter how good the singer is, none comes close to the voice and emotion that Chester’s past, BUT, at the same show was shown something that I believe it will work: soon at the beginning of the show, it was sung In The End and in the moments that it was for Chester to sing, the band was silent and the singers were the fans. So I think that from now on, that would be the best solution as to how the band will do a presentation without the first voice (Chester), in case it would be a silence and the fans would sing the part of Chester,moreover, he’s in the heart of each of us and no one better to replace him than the fans themselves :heart_eyes:.
Please help me make this suggestion reach Mike or some member of the band.
Sorry my English,i use translator :worried:


Mike has mentioned that it was very heavy to do that.


Yeah, a whole tour of that would just be too much…