Future US tour dates!


At the Summit someone asked:
When will LP be doing another US tour?
Jim Digby the Production Manager answered the question and said, “I’m on contract until the end of 2015, and to answer your question all I can say is you probably won’t be much older than you are now.”

Let’s get ready for another US tour already LPU!


Awesome! I am seeing them in four days and will definitely go when they come back!!


Whooo hooooo


I wonder if they will do a US Winter tour like they have in the past, or if they will do another tour next Summer or something in the US. Both would be awesome. The band said they wanted to tour a lot with this record, so I think they will tour to the end of 2015 anyways, even though Digby just confirmed it. I think they will write a new album in 2016 and maybe release a new album in 2017.


Based on the information we received they are already working on new material. It’ll be well before 2017 for the next album.


Awesome!!! I just saw them on Monday and i cant freaking wait???


I wish they add a NYC date for the next tour so I will be able to see them again! =) [biggrin]


I cannot wait to see them again, the Carnivores tour was amazing. This time I’m gonna buy a M&G though… they had much more time with them then us Lottery winners did :frowning: haha.


I am already saving money for the next touring cycle!!!


That is great news. They’re incredible live! Love 'em.