Gaming time - the riddle -


Oh you have one, come onnnnn haha


I have a kind of, but I’m not sure… It’s about a “crime” and you have to guess what happened, the condition is you can only make questions which answer is yes or not.


Sounds interesting/challenging :grin:


Ok, don’t judge me after :sweat_smile:

3rd one.

The lion can’t survive that time without eating.

There is a room.
In the middle of it there are:

  • Water.
  • Sand.
  • Broken Glass.
  • Two bodies (Joseph and Mery)

You have to tell me what happened.**
Practicaly how did they die?

** For this you have to make questions which answer is yes or not.


Ok, is the water in a puddle?
Or a cup?


Practically it is, the water ended mixed with the sand.


Was the water initially mixed with the sand?
Was it only after?


It’s irrelevant


Was the broken glass a cup?


No exaclty, but close…


Are the bodies wounded?


They are death jaja see the problem again :wink:


:expressionless: you’re being so technical :expressionless:
Have the bodies experienced visible trauma prior to their passing away? :unamused: lol


Ahh… ahhh… according to Wikipedia… yes??? Jajajajaja


Are the names relevant? :thinking:




Was the sand and glass a sand timer? Hourglass thingie?


No and no.


Was there a fight?


@gatsie you’re back in here! :grin:
It’s about time you got to have as hard a time as we had with your sailor one last time :sweat_smile: