Gaming time - the riddle -


Yeah, it was a little obvious, wasn’t it?


@the_termin8r you are the next.


What weighs lots forwards and nothing backwards?


well boobs i guess ?? oh nevr tell anyone i’m a physics student lol lmao


No. How did you get to that answer? :joy:


It’s a ton


Close enough. It was ‘tons’ because backwards it’s ‘snot’. Couldn’t think of anything better.


You gotta put another one up now bro


This one is from my dad’s friend.

A man was walking through the forest and came upon a cabin. All the trees around the cabin were burned down, and inside the cabin were two dead men. How did the men die?


Forset fire?


Smoke inhalation?
They had a gun fight?
Suicidal tendencies?
They had a knife fight?
They were mauled by a bear?
They had simultanous, synchronised heart attacks?
They just both happened to die of natural causes by coincidence?


Anything left?


Well, it’s been 10 guesses. @jrtrussell can we get the answer?


I’ll give you a some hints first. The cabin was destroyed, however, unlike the trees around it, it was not burned down. Additionally the two men appeared to have been sitting down when they died.


They were crushed by a tree.


Not quite. You have to think abstractly for this one.


Did it not sustain ANY fire damage at all? Or did it burn, but it was already destroyed at that point?

My guess is a firefighting plane unloaded the water right on them and the force destroyed the cabin and hurt them enough to die of internal bleeding or sm. Also why there is no fire damage.


Nope. The answer is actually sort of in your response, but you are on the wrong track. The cabin probably sustained some fire damage like scorch marks, but it was not burned down.


A bomb was dropped and they were torn apart internally by the shockwave?


Not quite. Both of their bodies were damaged inside and out.