Gaming time - the riddle -


A bird?


A person getting hit by a bus? :joy:


Non, birds could hop around :upside_down_face:
This is an object I’d have around work


Ah, I know exactly what it is, but I don’t want to go again. :joy:


No :joy: don’t think those legs will ever touch the floor again haha


You do landscape work right?

A ladder?


Some can have 4 or more legs.


Yeah I do but nope


the legs of a stripper in a club??:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy:

where do you work by the way??:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Lmaoooooo :rofl:
According to some of the guys here, that’s my work :rofl::rofl:

And I’m a landscaper :upside_down_face: yard work, outdoor work





Since nobody is guessing, I’ll sacrifice myself. It’s a wheelbarrow isn’t it?


Yep yep
Go ahead
I know you love going haha


Fok, I’ll think of something in a moment standby…


Right, I couldn’t think of a good one, so here’s a simple one I found online. How can a pocket be empty yet still have something in it?


Lmao I’ve got a dirty answer for that but I won’t say it
Anyways it might be filled with air


No, air is something.


A wallet but no money in wallet?
I know that’s most stupid ans XD




When there can be nothing in pocket then it must be. torn off… like a hole big one…?