Gaming time - the riddle -


Yep, it can be full of holes, you go next.


Can someone take my turn? I am hardly here after weeks… Anyone… or the new member would like to try ?


Ya sure i take your turn, but where you going? do you have work so you need break .So what a do in this, i don’t know how to play:grin::grin::grin: can you help me:blush::blush::blush::smile::slightly_smiling_face: @Honey8


ah, if it is your turn to go, then you must give everyone a riddle to solve, whoever solves it has to give the next one :upside_down_face:
and welcome bud! :grin:


I Am going nowhere… just a tag away ãlwåyß. I hardly get time to check all threads lol that’s why they call me busy bee :honeybee::blush:


Oohhk that’s great @Honey8 so tell me how to play in this game karna Kya hai es game me​:grinning::grinning::grin::grin::kissing_heart:


Bro. Someone told it . You can check the unread posts too. Lol. And for the rules you can always see the 1st post of every topic.

Bhai ise at least ignore to mat maar :sweat_smile:


Okay yr :joy::joy::joy:


Who’s next?


Supposedly Honey, but she said that anyone can take her turn.


I m sorry buddy… go ahead please :heart:


I stand in the corner of a building and I never move but my children travel everywhere. What am I? (This one isn’t mine).


Lightpost? I don’t thik so tho… just guess


No, smaller.


A nail? I don’t know.




This is one of these riddles … I would say a corner - but this makes no sense with this childrens thing … anyway- at least another guess to arrive at 10 guesses :joy:


No, it’s an object.


A chair? :upside_down_face: just maybe somehow… lol … but I think it’s a no :joy: