Gaming time - What do ya prefer?


I think it´s time to play another game, spin the bottle would be nice or truth or dare, but it´s not so practicable on the internet, So now my new proposal: Choosing game
Works like this: I gave two opportunyties maybe
ice cream vs cold beer
The next player decides, what he likes more, and answers, in my case the anwer would be "cold beer"
After I´ve choosen my favorite, I make a new question
cold beer vs icecold champaign
the next soldier answers, and by the way there is much laughing, and we get together, so, I´ll start now


So now guys, the first question
Chester vs. Mike


This sounds a lot like this forum game already: This or That?


OMG yes, but it´s so long ago, so my new question
the old game vs the new game


new game!
play alone vs playing with tripple zero


playing with @TripleXero

giving up or going on?


@TripleXero going on

going alone vs going together


@TriplXero seems like going alone
lack of time or lack of inspriration


@TripleXero ok
I’ve given up
I’m sick of feeling
Is there nothing you can say?
Take this all away
I’m suffocating
Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me I´m


Dont play alone, im here!! :smiley: xD


Heyo dude, welcome I´ve had waited so so long for you…


ok @SakuraCS
black or white



Black or red? :slight_smile:


grey or rainbow


Grey or Anastasia ? XD (just to change the subject xD)


grey! just to discuss it out :no_entry:
grey or trust, :left_right_arrow:


Trust! :blush:
Trust or shy


TRUST Or shy? lets play on tomorrow I :sleeping:


Okay, so, trust or distrust :stuck_out_tongue: xD
have a nice night!


Good morning @SakuraCS, have slept deep and dreamless, :sleeping:, now :coffee:
hope you got a nice night (however,) too let´s go on!

trust in mind, distrust in heard, but if the question is either or, than def distrust!

ok, distrust
New question
distrust and suspicion and silence or distrust and talking to solve it out