GarageBand fun!


@NickGr omg I love the beats and the rhythm of it. Your best of work yet


Wooow Mr. Garage Band himself- it’s a great song Nick @NickGr soooo groovy and it was like I automatically start to move- hahaha, that’s so awesome- you made me swing :dancer:t2: then I thought I see things again- :joy: but the idea with the moving pic in the background is awwww - a real Nick!! I looooove it! Your best song so far- happy muse… you have the rythm bro :heart_eyes: thanx for sharing :sunny:


Thaanx @hilaryfol and @theearlywalker(btw, you really liked it that much sis? :hugs:)


No problem at all


No - I lie … :joy::joy::joy: I love it- ask me why but it went right into my brain- central nerval system triggered - and it has a happy feel…, why do you ask??


Good. Now do what I say (neuro programming sounds)

Ahem, certainly not because I test a memetic neuro control system, of course not !


It works … it definetly works - good job russian :joy::joy::joy::rofl: looool


I have my couch:


Thanks. :joy:


Hahaha oh you bet! :joy:


I know! :slightly_smiling_face: Yes for sure… and as you guys know that i badly want to learn guitar :grinning: haha! Can’t rn … cause there are many stuffs which surround me and come as barriers…
BUT FOR SURE! someday I’ll make my own tunes :smile::smile: thanks for soooooooooooo much motivation!! You all are sooo amazing! :heart::sparkles::heart::heart::sparkles::sparkles::heart::heart::sparkles::pray::pray:

Just heading for dining… will hear after that on SC! :smiley::smiley::sparkles::heart:


Yep! :smiley: And its is sooo niceeee!! :sparkles::heart::notes::notes:
Awessoomee work broo!! :+1::+1:
The 2:19s minute part is my favorite!! And the tune really matches with the title… "light breaks through.” :smile::smile:


That’s previous work lol
I’ve already got another one :slight_smile:


I just heard that… its a bit late here… will listen to that one tmro. :blush:

Oops ya! Megabites…!!! Actually i put that one to listen… mom called me… That ended and light breaks through started! :joy::laughing: Now i got to know what actually happened!! Lol!


So - I’ve downloaded Korg app for the phone
The interface itself is pretty good, it has interesting sounds but… these lil buttons! Too uncomfortable to play anything — its supposed to be connected to a MIDI controller
Speaking about these — I’ve found a Korg one, it’s not that expensive plus it has all I need placed in one not-so-big controller! It’s very-very cool but rn I’ve got slightly more than a half of sum required - I don’t want to buy it with international shipping — the risk of damaging is too big and here it costs more…


Is it like garage band?


It’s more like StageLight - it is actually cool but needs a controller, otherwise it’s too hard to play (maybe my fingers are just too fat)


Ooh… okay. :+1::+1::sparkles: Thnx bro


Exploring a new Garage Band update yet Unexplored
But not all the keyes used are from the new Latina update, just one I’ve taken from the previous update





Nice work! I like it more from 1:08 … :blush: :smile: :hugs: