GarageBand fun!


The good thing here is keeps changing and keeps you guessing

The 1st part to the 2nd part for me doesn’t transition properly
But overall good job :smirk:


I love it :heart_eyes: honey well done :+1:


That’s pretty solid, reminds me of some kind of game trailer for one of the less serious games out there.


Thanks steph! :wink::heart::sparkles:

Yea pretty solid. Lol… never expected a game trailer …but it can be. Such music is there in some story lines one…


Nice track Honey! Lots of cool sounds used. I agree with @acemasters on the transitions, they could be smoother.


Okay ace! :hushed: I got that. Thaaannkkkk youuuuu!! :hugs::hugs::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::heart::heart:

I wanted the review of that thing only… i actually put sound effect in that.
So I’ll have to see what can i add instead :thinking: can you suggest something? Or i should put just jingles and guitar only?

Thanks! :hugs::sparkles::heart::heart: I’ll check on that surely! Thanks for telling. I’ll try to improve in next one! :smiley::hugs::sparkles:


I’m definitely looking forward to buying a pad controller. Maybe Novation or Akai…


Ooh. What is that?


for making beats…maybe i’m buying something from Novation but butt – i need something compilable with y software



Ooh. That’s niceee!


Did you get the latest LPU email newsletter? LP is gonna sell some of their touring instruments. Some of the proceeds go to Music For Relief.


I did. I’ll have a look if the price is suitable


I don’t think they’ll be suitable lol. This is professional gear


I mean, suitable for the prof gear, they might rise the prices because it’s LP


Kid wants a toy! I badly want that sampler !
Actually i can afford myself this but i’ll do after the exams… lol


So here it finally comes… it’s been quite a while since i’ve really recorded something…





Smoother, more melodic than the songs before and very nice calming :+1:t2: I like it :heart_eyes:


New track! :star_struck: You’re full of ideas! keep it going! I like that effect which appears at around 2:49-50 and the whole ending part :blush: