GarageBand fun!


Thanx sisters @lpfan61 and @theearlywalker :hugs::hugs:


Good combination of sounds, it creates an interesting soundscape. One tip: this track can use a clearer structure. It kinda lacks one, for my taste at least :grin:


I actually had issues while mixing it — the app glitched a bit and I had to re-record the sub bass…


Ah that sucks. Is there a way to freeze tracks like in Stagelight? That way you save some memory


There are a few patterns of how the app treats the tracks . I haven’t figured out how this works yet …


Alrightyyyy! I’ve got something to tell today. This is my last music probably for skme years until i get a good DAW which is suitable for me (or i get my dad’s password somehow so that I can download loops :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) or maybe i start after i learn Guitar :slightly_smiling_face: so it’s a pause for some years. This year especially. I’ll continue with my art, writing, Photography… more frequently…

I especially thank @NickGr @rickvanmeijel for the introduction of music and bringing me into this… thanks guys just you guys brought my interest and initially i started creating… :two_hearts::heart:

Remember this is not the end. It’s just a break lol who knows i start again after next yr if my mom allows to learn a guitar. :blush::blush:

This track. “Joy Mix” is a 7 min play which has all kinds of instruments mixed. It’s the best music i have ever made and yes thanks to Rick van Meijel for all the help dude! :hugs: He suggested some changes in the music… the name idk if is correct cause I couldn’t think of any but i love the cover tho :joy:

Well lots of thanks to ya guys for being my music inspiration! And no doubt y’all will always be :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Here’s it. Hope you guys like it! Ëñjòy my this year’s last blast! :tada::sparkles::confetti_ball::notes::notes::musical_note::musical_score:

Listen to Joy Mix by Honey 8 #np on #SoundCloud

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It wont work for :angry::rage:


How niiiiiceee this one is )
Great job sis! Never thought of getting yourself a complete instrument and/or Logic Pro X??
(ab Logic - it costs a damn lot so… we both know what source to use)


Sorry what?! I was scared for a second. I didn’t get you :no_mouth:

Thanks Nick! :smiley::smiley: Well I’ll think about everything after this yr lol… like I’ve heard a lot about cubase too!


Was supposed to say wont work for me


Sorry for my late reply, gonna listen asap!

Edit: Just listened to the final product. Great job Honey! And you’re always welcome for future help on your musical projects :slight_smile:


What won’t work for you? :frowning:

Thank you :blush::blush: don’t worry I’ll come soon to you and @NickGr :sweat_smile::smile:


Forgot to reply! :scream: :see_no_evil: lol
Nice piece aaand what does that mean?? :point_down:


Last music for some years :slightly_smiling_face: thank you dear u am happy you liked it :blush: :two_hearts::heart:


ok… :roll_eyes:
Yaaaay! you’re spamming the forum! :laughing: free time today??:smile: :hugs:


I took out the free time. I got up early in the morning and started completing Everything… hopefully i have done a lot… i am going again in some time :slightly_smiling_face: :heart::two_hearts:


The soundcloud thing you put up :pensive::pensive: its not the first time its happened to me


You mean it doesn’t work for you there? Then you can check YouTube I’ve got music video too. :hushed: