GarageBand fun!


Instrumentals ah? They sound great man. Keep up the good work. I suck at making them, this is why iIalways borrowed from people xD


I’ve just listening to this i love the dark Beats and tone u put out so amazing


It’s like the film music for a thriller- like: Dr.Doom in adventures“ - really tensional - makes the heart beating- and To me you have rythm in blood- this so senseable- this snipple together with „aroad to remember“ could be awesome ( just my mind) go on bro! I like your stuff really much :grin:


Hey!! I heard both of them quite long on SC! Yep glow had different electro bass. Nice! :+1::+1::grinning: But i liked hardwired more :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Great work! You are doing amazing with the instrumentals :slightly_smiling_face::blush:


Thaaanx :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Here i go with the next one. Its small… with a loud start

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@Honey8 I finally heard your new song! I wrote you some comments in SoundCloud :slight_smile:
Now I’m listening to Revive, will leave some comments later :slight_smile:


Thanks! I actually can’t see them on the app. Will check them from pc tmro! :hugs::blush:


Whyyyy :’(
They display in the bottom part of the song visualization:


Cool sound! :smile: I prefer the part from about 1:40… more beating sounds… :rofl:


They are the comments dear. You may have seen option "comment at time " that means you’ve commented on that particular second… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks dear! :blush::blush:
I guess I’ll end the album “mixers” here. Maybe start long playlist from next week. As you wanted sis, the relaxing ones which yiu can play while doing stuffs :blush:


I don’t understand :frowning: This is why you don’t see them? So should I select the time or not?
I wanted you to know which part I liked…


No… my app is glitchy… a bit.

For eg, if you comment at 1:02 then your profile pic will be shown at 1:02 at bottom down there…


Well that should be ok… And if you go over with your mouse, then you should see my comment there.


You know what? It’s not my style but it’s awesome! Good work! Keyes, right ? @Honey8


Yeah @mishelka3 i will
@NickGr thanks! :wink: Glad you liked it! They are synths and jingles… you’ll find them in gb. :blush:


I KNEW that!!))))))


Yep! They are nice ones!


As you guys probably understood, Igot to this thread at last. Thanks for sharing @NickGr and @Honey8.
Great job, you both! I like Honey’s tracks more, though. No offence, Nick. Honey’s tracks got some more positive sound, which I like more. I guess, it depends on the country. Sunny India vs severe Russia.