GarageBand fun!


Lol, or because Honey is a girl


Thanks for your lovely words @jabinquaken :innocent:
Aye what?! Nah it isn’t like that!.. lol
I would say peaceful russia and hectic India :joy:
I still have that lovely snowy pic in my mind which nick posted some days ago… so pretty! :heart_eyes:

Oh c’mon @NickGr !!! :joy: Your music is great as well dude! I am a girl. But that’s it. I hate girly stuffs! You can say half tomboy…lol :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Try to listen to russian/ukrainian music. 80-90% are sad. I think, it’s because of lack of sun. :smile:
We are too serious.


Oh really?! There may be some cool music there too dude… how is this possible :confused::thinking::thinking:


Well, there’s good music. Mostly sad, though. Lol


@Honey8 as always amazing work I love it keep the Awesome job


Thanks a lot hilary :blush:


Got a new track coming soon. Still need to think up the name


As always, I can give you some ideas.


Thanks friend @ironsoldier16 :slight_smile: - no need as i’m publishing it now





I saw you replying. It’s ok, I’m going to listen to it later. Going to work.


I imagine a rap on this music base… :star_struck: well done friend! :hugs:


Thaaanx :hugs:


Ill give it a listen tomoz

And i had to abandon the writing lyrics for the other 1

Just could nail down the flow of lyrics to the instrumental


Sounds like a Sonic the Hedgehog level :grin::grin::grin:


Will hear soon on SC! :blush::slightly_smiling_face:


First track of 2018 - Light Breaks Through
An ambient track of 3 different synths





It’s like sparkling sunrays- :sunny:️ Nice morning muse :sunny:️ I like it :heart_eyes: