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I think it’s trying to tell you something @the_termin8r
Here’s some more rando information for you

Basically - it looks like Intel know these newer i7s run hot, and don’t care, even when doing menial tasks such as opening a browser or whatevs. It’s been interesting reading… gamers are in uproar about it apparently.

So - you either go older, or go home! :exploding_head:


The Haswell max temp specs are wrong there. I’ve taken my HP to about 80 and it was fine, I mean it wasn’t happy but it worked fine. The idle and mid specs seem on point though.


Me dealing with W10 :joy: :joy: :joy:


:joy: :joy: :rofl: oh I laugh so hard my stomach hurts.
Wait till I show the boys this… They’ll say I’ve found my soulmate baaahaaaaaa


Obviously that’s not actually me, but it’s very close :joy: Also I don’t shout that loud as my parents would come up and kill me. :joy:


Another update, I’ve decided against buying this one. My dad advised that if I’m going to be upgrading I might as well make a more significant upgrade so for now I’ll lay low and wait for something to crop up.


Sounds wise! Hopefully they sort the i7 temp issues in the next gen!


They won’t. Why bother when you can sell it this way? Make it cheaper and sell it for the same price.


Intel and AMD has declared that all of the processors for the last decade have the leak called Meltdown - the thing is that any app can get basic data from processor using this leak. Microsoft has already released update fixing that but it will cause almost 30% drop of working speed


Yay! Great start, 2018!


It’s not 2018 yet, it’s 2017S


Lol! So what kind of data?


Tech companies became so lame last 3 years. Nothing new, nothing better. Just making old stuff but cheaper and increasing prices. This is so obvious but still everybody is hyping around “new stupid piece of sh*t X mega ultra pro plus 256GB 2017 edition”.
Yes. Tech religion.


I don’t think anyone actually knows…
But seriously - derrrr. Something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. Wouldn’t be surprised if it had been put there on purpose - but gutted, now they’ve been found out.


Yeah I have a feeling that this happens more often than we think.


To be honest, I always treated Intel as a decent company that wouldn’t do such thing on purpose… but now I’m not that sure


Oh yeah! So this is from where 3 of then come! :joy::smiley::smiley:

That’s true!! It will heat up a lot! :joy:

That’s a hilarious video! And especially that guy’s expressions!! :laughing::laughing:

I was probably gonna ask that! Did you really shout so loud?! :joy::joy:

I totally agree with this one… the same you know… Samsung Galaxy… and then its seriously… and edge… and all… just goin on…

I dunno much about it. Maybe cause never used it.


Your dad owns a Mac, right? Means you use Intel every time you use it :))) they’ve switched to AMD videocards on the last IMac line and I think that’s a mistake


Ooh. I didn’t knew. Thanks for info. :slightly_smiling_face:

Then it works fine. All processing stuff is nice. The only thing in Mac is I can’t play games like assassin’s Creed, and tomb raider. And stuffs…


Tom Rider (2013) is at Steam and AppStore(but Mac App Store is ridiculously expensive). I’ve played it and enjoyed it
wineskin AC is playable too but it lags sometimes