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I know… and Rise of the tomb raider the next of 2013 is awesome. I love it sooo damn much.

And that’s the thing… you gotta buy games. Yiu can’t just download and play… that’s the thing. :confused:


WineSkin. Wine. Skin.


Wat?? Wineskin!! :confused: What’s that?


Wineskin is a tool for playing windows games on mac. A porting tool. All these ports are free. Plus if there is a steam port of the game it is usually cracked and pirated


Oooh. But you need to get the game CD for that right?



What does this has to do with game CD?? Nick??


cmon :joy: piiiiraaattteeeees !


Now if yiu say pirates I’ll think of smthng else! :roll_eyes::laughing::joy::joy:


Aaarrgghhhh (I confess) :sweat_smile::joy:


I only pirate LPU albums because I’m not thick to pay for them.


Careful! Quickly everyone, bury this post


What do I care if they see? lol


I do it all the time how else do you get music on a phone @the_termin8r. With breaking the bank still buy one hard copy of the adlum for the CD player but anything after that I download


I do yt to mp3 conversions of LPU albums because they’re stupid expensive (more than any regular CD or MP3). Otherwise I pretty much buy all of my other music. The only music I didn’t buy was the RAC OST collection, that’s because they are sold literally nowhere, they’re available as free downloads on a fan site.


Just to confess - CDs here are almost the same price T-T


Apple Music solved the issue for me
I was already spending on buying music here and there so the uni discount made it worth it
But I would spend ages doing the same as terminator doing the conversions from yt


I used to pirate everything, but I started buying music since I now appreciate the artform and want to support my favorite artists. So far I only have 8 CD’s (all LP), the rest are digital purchases


Aw yeah, I adore that one! I spend much more on food than on music now — but not counting the LPU and CDs… :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


That’s why I’ve bought every single LPU album :see_no_evil:. My digital collection of LP is 62 albums and 502 tracks by now (all studio, all live around the world, all ITunes Live, Puerta La Acalia, Road To Revolution, video of Road To Revolution, Live in Texas, all LPU(including ADU and SFTU), Reanimation and Recharged, all EPs, all singles, all videos I can get on ITunes (somehow, videos can’t be added from PC ITunes like music - it just doesn’t work and I dunno why, so I don’t have FM and lyric vids - but there are lyric vids off OML on ITunes so I have them), LT and THP acapellas and instrumentals, FM acoustic. I didn’t need to download the singles but after Chester passed I felt that I need to…)