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I only pirate TV stuff - cos NZ is in the middle of no where and we dont get anything decent to watch here - and if we do, it’s usually 5 years later.
We only recently got Netflix and Prime in the last 18 months or so - but even then, the selection seems to be ‘regionalised’ and most of it’s not what I want to watch.

I can’t pirate music - I just can’t do it…I feel bad.

Also - why is there no pirate emoticon? I would have thought that was a no brainer…esp for International Pirate Day!


WA has released an update fixing issue with IOS7 — wondering if someone’s still using it. First versions of 7 were 50/50, one of the last I remember being just like win8 — BAD. IOS8 was worse though

Oh - and when I’ve opened it right after the update, this popped up
It says: “optimizating WA”


Dunno any about them… never bought… :no_mouth::no_mouth: but i download everything for free…

Is there any update in WA?


I’ve decided to give Dell another chance. This time I’m going for an XPS 9560 (the cheaper one without the insane specs)

The one I’m getting:

i5 7300HQ
Nvidia GTX 1050 4GB
4K display

Also it’s apparently made from aluminium and carbon fibre and has gorilla glass. Since this one is an HQ processor I’d expect to see higher temps since it’s a higher power processor. I’m praying this one works.

Who fancies a game? The person to guess the highest temp that the CPU hits in the first 2 days of me owning it wins. Only 1 guess allowed, closest guess wins. :stuck_out_tongue: I say it will peak at 95C.


Goodluck with it.
I think, it will be 88


Good luck on breaking the new temperature record! Roast some beef with it


I don’t dare saying this, but I hope this one finally works normally :sweat_smile:


It better, because it costs a fucking fortune. I can get a serious desktop for the money but I need a laptop.


wait… a 4K display on laptop? Cool but… well, the only 4K display in our house is a TV-set and it makes my eyes hurt when i watch it a little too much. So maybe 4K isn’t so good for working ? it tires your eyes


Our TV is 4K too but displays don’t tire my eyes. I don’t expect to have problems with it.


I’d say, it costs a fortune because of the display as well. 4k is probably 40% of the prise.


I didn’t even know laptops have 4K displays lol.

This. Perhaps there’s a version without the 4K quality


The one without 4K that has no HDD and only a 256GB SSD costs even more, but those are i7s. It costs a lot because this is from Dell’s top laptop range as I understand it. The one I got is the cheapest from the 15" ones.


We’ve got my dad a Marshall Stanmore speaker for his bday. Put it to test and it seems to sound really cool! Can’t provide the pics of it now, it’s not the time to unpack yet lol. Here’s a pic from their website


Oh cool! That’s a famous brand right?

Btw I’m planning to buy an external storage for backups and such. Anyone have any recommendations? It should have 500 GB at least


Western Digital is a very good company that has different types of storages. And good prices. I would also recommend SanDisk or Kingsman but WD is the best. I’d also strongly recommend you to buy 1TB storage


I know Kingsman cause I have a USB, never heard of the other companies. Aren’t 1TB storages very expensive? I’m open to buy this unless it’s not too pricey


Using Silicon Power Armour 15 over 2 years. Feels great. I’d go for WD, though.
Idk about the prices in different countries. Here it’s about 80-100$ for 1TB.


SanDisk are pretty well known. My family uses an HP one we got on offer some years ago. It’s 1TB but we use it rarely.


80 seems a bit too much for me. Anyway I’ll see which one has the lowest prices. Thanks for the recommendations everyone