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Among good ones it’s probably only Transcend


Transcend uses 3-x anti-shock protection, so I guess it’s quite reliable.


I never used hardware storage of them to be honest, and their flashcards are good priced.



WINDOWS 10 IS A TOTALLY USELESS PILE OF UTTER FUCKING SHIT!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

My new laptop came today and from the moment I pressed the power botton W10 was playing dirty. The first thing that came up on the screen was a warning telling me that W10 has crashed. I ended up spending over an hour setting it up (including having to edit the registry again) and cleaning all the spam off of it. When I was finally done I wanted to move my main folders from the SSD to the HDD but it said it needed to update and restart, so I let it…what a mistake that was.

It boots back up and immediately all of my task bar icons are gone and when I re-pin them, open the window and close it, the icons get unpinned again. Oh and some of the apps and programs were gone, like the file explorer. So now I’m doing a full factory reset and am going to be doing everything all over again.

I’m coming this much closer to being like that guy in the video I posted before.

In other news, I really like this one, it has a serious quality feel to it, it’s light and most importantly, the temps are behaving themselves this time. It idles at about 50C.


I knew it from the very beginning :stuck_out_tongue:

shit man, maybe you’ll try Linux this time? good luck


It was sarcasm lol


Good news, I’ve almost set this thing up…again. Now I’ve got the slightly stressful task of moving my main folders from the SSD to the HDD, for some reason the doc,pic,music, download, etc… folders are on the SSD. I remember having to do this with the first HP I tried. I ended up cocking it up and it took me 30 mins to fix. :sweat:

Also I need to buy an external disc drive so I can install MS office from the disc we have. Also it will help with CD burning and ripping.


Microsoft wanted my feedback on W10; so I sent them this. :joy:

I could type an entire essay as to why it is a complete heap of junk, but I’ll mention my latest woes.

Yesterday I received a brand new Dell XPS that cost quite a lot of money. I power it up for the first time and literally the first screen that greets me is one telling me that W10 has crashed.

An hour later after I was done cleaning the spam from the computer (INCLUDING GAMES DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING THEMSELVES WITHOUT ME TELLING THEM TO AFTER I DELETED THEM ONCE!!!) all of my task bar icons vanished and would not re-pin. Then my entire computer froze up and crashed. I ended up having to do a factory reset on a computer that was less than 2h old!

I know this issue is with W10 as the same has happened to my ageing HP which was running just fine on 8 and 8.1.

W10 is so bad that calling it malware is insulting to the computer in China responsible for draining your bank account when you click on that “too good to be true” ad you see on the porn site you happen to be on.

I wouldn’t recommend W10 to even Hitler if he were still alive.


Well done!!!


Holy crap this is an approriate time to say: savage! :joy:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: lmaooooo a masterpiece rant


I’ve sent other rants when the feedback notification popped up on my old laptop, but not worded like that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol! Good work buddy! :joy:


Ordered a WD 1TB :grin:

Looks like a mini PS4


Lol - looks like a mini PS3 slim
Hmm… haven’t actually seen such a WD. Good choice !

On another note: I’m looking forward to buying myself a Korg mixer (probably also Nano series, not even nanoStudio - it costs reasonably)


Like a mixing board with faders?


Like this

Korg also has this, but studio series has no drivers for the most DAW software — only for Ableton(expensive) and Korg (bullshit) software

This one is much better though. And 2,5 times more expensive. I’d love to play with it but if it won’t be supported, it doesn’t make sense buying it


Yeah you have to make sure that it works with your DAW. It’d be such a cool thing to have though. Only problem for me would be that this one has not enough tracks lol.


Speaking of boxes that spin discs, my CD drive came today. Looks like an old discman or something.


The first one surely works, I’ve even already installed a plungin for it lol