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I won’t move to W11 until they iron out all the bullshit. With W10 I can at least predict what will go wrong.


*showoff phrase about macOS”


Mac OS is a totally different type of rage.


ITunes is a type of rage, I agree. None of the software ever made me so angry


I work with w10 at work and it’s all fine. It’s the desktop,though.
Seems, your problem is that modern laptops occur to be shit.

Microsoft rep said that there is no w11 or 12 planned. Gonna be 10.1, 10.2 etc.

Have to work with macOS now, as well. This shit sucks so bad… the only good thing is the touchpad. The OS itself is not even close to user friendly, convenient or clear.


I’ve had a couple of friends with pretty decent desktops have issues too. Then there’s every single desktop I’ve used in uni, but then again, every desktop in uni is garbage.

This is what I keep saying, apart from the bit about the touchpad.


This is a serious pisstake. The guy I’m talking to from Dell told me to do a reset to factory image (he tried a bunch of other stuff with me that didn’t work); factory image didn’t work. So I did a full factory reset (for the 3rd time one this laptop) and my fingerprint scanner is back. However, I still have a dead USB port.


There’s no saving your laptops. Just let it go and move on to desktops already :joy:

Just kidding, this is awful though. Never heard of someone experiencing so many problems with laptops


*with technology.

If it isn’t my laptop it will be my phone, or my highly problematic ps3 (which I haven’t touched in nearly 2 years), or a desktop in uni or some other piece of tech in my life.

My/her/his/your phone

Guess what, I just opened my laptop and my fingerprint scanner isn’t working again, and better still I’m getting spammed with usb overload messages again. Isn’t life just fantastic? :smiley:


I like how you react on that… :exploding_head: :see_no_evil: :scream:


Wtf :flushed: Unbelivable bad luck- sorry to hear this though


I’ve learned to live with it, it’s been happening pretty much my entire life; doesn’t mean it still doesn’t piss me off to no end.


Finally bought a new computer, with a Rx580 :open_mouth:


I thought you hated AMD. Also what are the other specs on it out of curiosity?


hmm Don’t remember saying that. I hate how the companies have handled the crypto mining crisis though.

ryzen 1600
corsair vengeance 3000 2x8gb
Rx580 8gb
corsair TXm 650

off the top of my head


My bad, just went back over the thread; you asked which people prefer.

I still don’t understand what that is.

Nice, is it a custom build?


Yeah I’m not obsessed with AMD, Intel or Nvidia. I just have a freesync monitor so I go with AMD.

The mining crisis? You harvest crypto with GPU cards. Meaning there are less GPUs left for gamers. Meaning prices went up for people like me. So its as cheap to buy custom builds as it is to build your own PC. So yeah, just went with a custom/pre-build.


Corsair? Huh, must’ve cost a fortune


the RAM? compared to g.skill it was about £15 more. The prebuild wasn’t from corsair though